Saudi telecommunications operator STC (Saudi Telecom Company) has been a pioneer for decades in terms of championing revolutionary new technologies that have transformed the daily lives of Saudi citizens. It is in their DNA to embrace change and to deliver cutting-edge innovations and solutions that ultimately enhance the quality of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Corning Optical Communications will be a key enabler in facilitating not only the existing demand from communication service providers to have higher data speeds, but also for their future fiber demands, as telecommunications operators continue their preparations for the commercialization of 5G networks. That was the view expressed by Juan Colina, Regional Sales Director of Corning Optical Communications, during an exclusive interview with Telecom Review.

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Data is at the heart of every discussion tackling the latest in the telecoms industry and the prospects for the future. At the 11th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit which was held in Dubai in December 2018, a panel entitled “Capacity and data traffic” addressed the effect data has had on the industry and how telcos have managed to embrace big data.

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