5G took center stage at this year's Mobile World Congress, and for good reason: recent developments indicate that this revolutionary network is no longer a distant dream. The dawn of 5G will have reverberations across the world, but particularly in Lebanon, which is set to unlock the benefits of the digital transformation and gain enormously from 5G.

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Global ICT solutions provider Huawei will conduct a six-country roadshow across the Middle East from April to May 2018. Under the theme 'Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Transformation', the roadshow puts the spotlight on advanced ICT technologies that are driving digital transformation and helping to achieve the development agendas in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Pakistan.

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US multi-national network infrastructure provider CommScope is joining the fixed wireless access market with the introduction of a new integrated antenna solution based on xRAN open interface specifications. The open interface allows wireless operators to mix and match radio access network (RAN) hardware from multiple vendors to more flexibly address varying requirements.

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Huawei firmly believes in the power of 5G to transform society. In the future, all things will be connected: this includes 100 million new generation bicycles, 300 million LED street lamps, 1.8 billion water meters worldwide. 10Gbps connectivity is also essential to foster the growth of high quality AR and VR experiences. From self-driving cars to virtual reality, from Internet of Things to drones, 5G is the foundation necessary to support all these connections - nurturing the growth of 5G is therefore essential to the next stage of digitalization.

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As technology continues to develop and networks become increasingly advanced, experts across the ICT industry largely agree that smart manufacturing will come to represent the biggest portion of market revenues for internet of things (IoT) in the coming years. Smart manufacturing is dependent on industrial automation, which relies heavily on the use of robots and machine intelligence; meaning that the factories of the future will be built on the digitalization of the manufacturing process and plants, which will be enabled by 5G networks and all their building blocks.

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Mavenir, experts in the transformation of mobile networks from 3G to 4G to 5G, has introduced some innovative new solutions that are giving power back to the operators in their battle against OTTs. The acquisitions of Argyle Data and AQUTO have enabled the US technology firm to create solutions which provide operators with the opportunity to monetize data outside of pre-paid plans and peer-to-peer messaging.

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