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Colt and Verne Global Introduce World’s First Dual Sourced 100% Renewably Powered Data Centre in Iceland

Verne Global, an innovative, UK-based developer of power conscious data centre campuses, has recently announced the availability of its colocation service from its 18-hectacre campus in Keflavik, Iceland. Verne Global's data centre campus is 100% carbon neutral, drawing commercial power from Iceland's dual-sourced renewable energy power grid and utilizing Iceland's ambient temperatures to provide free cooling.

"The demand for high capacity, flexible and scalable data centre campuses has increased in parallel with the growing concern of rising cost and environmental impact of traditional data centers," said Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global. "We have designed a flexible, dynamic solution that answers the need for both high capacity computing and cost management."

Colt's Innovative Modular Data Centre

Designed to support almost any data centre power requirement, from racks to megawatts, Verne Global's dynamic approach enables its customers to quickly meet the changing needs of their business – a high value benefit when compared to more traditional, static data centre approaches.  Verne Global turned to Colt's innovative modular data centre option to facilitate a rapid time-to-market with this new offering. The Colt data centre - customized to offer chiller less cooling - allows Verne Global to gain rapid entry into the colocation business. The abundance of power available on the Verne Global campus, combined with it being 100% renewable is unique to the colocation industry.

"Power remains one of the primary concerns for corporate IT managers as they evaluate their data centre needs and options going forward in terms of availability, cost and environmental impact," said Katie Broderick, Senior Research Analyst, Servers and Datacenters, IDC. "Renewable power will continue to play an important role and, as the market evolves, Verne Global's ability to source an abundant supply, coupled with the added benefit of free cooling, will present a compelling availability, cost and environmental advantage in the marketplace for companies looking to expand their data centre operations."

Datapipe – Early Customers

Datapipe, a leading provider of managed services and infrastructure for mission critical IT and cloud computing, will be one of the first customers to have a presence in the new data centre.

World's First Mission Critical Data Centre with Zero-Emissions

Verne Global has selected Colt’s Modular Data Centre for its dual-sourced renewable energy facility in Iceland. This is the world's first mission critical data centre with zero-emissions to be manufactured and constructed in less than four months.  Colt has manufactured a 500m2 data centre hall in the UK which shipped to Keflavik, Iceland. A total of 37 modules were transported by sea and assembled within weeks at the Verne Global data centre campus in Iceland.

“This is a very interesting project and shows how the industry is transforming,” commented Chris Ingle, Associate Vice President, IDC. “Verne Global's Iceland location and dual source renewable energy provides a combination of sustainability and cost visibility. Colt's approach to data centre build provides a fast and flexible way of fitting out the space. The ability to provide a traditional data centre more efficiently than is currently the case provides a strong alternative in the market.”

Verne Global’s data centre campus is strategically located so its customers benefit from Iceland’s unique power sources of 100% geothermal and hydroelectric power. Colt has customized its modular design to optimize Iceland’s temperate climate to ensure that free, fresh air cooling is available 365 days a year.

About the Complex

The Verne Global complex in Iceland delivers a power profile that is difficult to find at any other data centre facility, worldwide. Verne Global has a long-term agreement that guarantees a supply of continuous, high-quality electricity per year at a low rate, with a fixed annual inflation for the term of your contract. This means the company can offer you visibility and predictability for up to 20 years – a significant consideration in light of rising long-term electricity costs in Europe, the UK and US.

All of the electricity comes from two sources of 100% renewable energy, geothermal and hydroelectric. Unlike some renewable energy alternatives, the complex never defaults to fossil fuels or nuclear energy if the primary source is interrupted. The complex can readily accommodate expansion to meet fast-growing virtualization, cloud and other business needs.

In terms of latency, Verne Global is a mere 18 milliseconds from London and 36 milliseconds from New York. That’s more than sufficient for disaster recovery, cloud computing, research computing, database hosting and general business applications.

The Colt Advantage

Colt is an experienced data centre builder and operator, with 19 data centers in 10 countries hosting mission-critical data and applications for customers. In addition, it operates a further 200 or so data centers for internal purposes. Colt found the modular data centre concept such an efficient way to build data centers for itself that it decided to extend the offering to its customers.

Colt's modular data centers are fabricated in the UK to demanding design specifications using state-of-the-art production-line techniques. The data centers are built with recycled steel; other materials are sourced from as close to the factory as possible. The use of standardized, right-sized components minimizes waste and makes the data centre layout as efficient as possible.