GBI, a global shared and managed services provider that owns and operates a multilayer carrier neutral network bridging the world to the Middle East, hosted a leadership development workshop for its team that addressed the team’s dynamics and different personalities styles, and identified development strategies within the context of the company’s needs.

Amr Eid, chief executive officer of GBI, said: "Our people are our greatest asset and we are determined to continue to inspire, nurture and attract talent. Being on a transformational journey, it is essential for our organization to gain insight into how to establish team cohesion and effective action plans when adapting to the changing corporate landscape. I am confident that our agility and adaptability will help build future leaders."

The workshop called "Awareness to Action Personalities @Work Workshop" was conducted by two executive coaches from Awareness to Action International (ATAI) - Mario Sikora, President and Tamer Zanaty, VP, Global Strategy and Business Development and head of Middle East Operations. The two-day event demonstrated the impact of different personality styles on leadership and teamwork and how the understanding of those personality styles can be used to improve individually and collectively. The next phase of the workshop will see the team in action as GBI plans to bring its leadership team for a "strategy workout session."

Mario Sikora said: "At Awareness to Action International we are always excited to work with dynamic and fast-growing companies like GBI." He added: "During the Personalities @at Work program, the GBI leadership team demonstrated why they will continue to be successful. They showed intelligence, a bias for action, and a hunger for meaningful insights and cutting-edge leadership knowledge. We are proud to be partnered with them in their efforts to continue to be the best at what they do."

Tamer Zanaty said: "The Personalities @ Work workshop delivered to GBI's Leadership team is the first ATAI project in the Middle East to be considered as that is part of a long-term strategic partnership with leadership teams in this market". Tamer added: "The world is going through unprecedented changes - and this region is not an exception. There are major challenges that are facing leadership teams everywhere, but they can represent new and exciting opportunities for those with the adaptability and leadership skills to capture them. At ATAI, we are focused on helping our clients prepare by developing their leadership teams with our unique Awareness to Action Leadership Model, a model that weaves together the most useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology; time-tested leadership and management practices and personality studies."

The Board of Directors of Gulf Bridge International “GBI" has named Amr Eid as chief executive officer. Since his appointment as an acting CEO of GBI in March 2016, Amr Eid has successfully spearheaded the company’s transformation into a global shared and managed services provider.

Abdulla Al Rwaili, Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director, GBI said, “Amr’s vision, innovative industry outlook and proven track record of successes have positioned him as a strong leader for GBI. We are confident that he has the wealth of experience, commitment, and the drive to deliver value to shareholders, partners, customers, and to the whole ecosystem. I look forward to supporting Amr in further developing and implementing GBI’s roadmap for future growth.”  

Amr Eid, CEO of GBI, said, “I want to thank GBI’s Board of Directors, Chairman, Executive Vice Chairman and shareholders for their confidence and trust vested in me during the company’s transition. I am delighted to continue working with my dedicated and talented team and to further guide GBI on its journey towards sustainable growth and success.”     

Amr Eid brings over 23 years of experience in the technology and telecommunications industries having worked at leadership positions for numerous global multinational companies. He enjoys a solid industry track record of achievements in building new companies, divisions and subsidiaries, creating innovative go-to market strategies, driving corporate transformation and establishing sustainable industry synergies. He has won many recognitions and awards regionally and internationally over the span of his successful career.

The world is progressively changing with the emergence of innovative technologies that have a dramatic impact on our behavior. Today's end users are looking for a more personalized experience that caters to their needs. They have a louder voice as a result of their ability to share views and rate services. This confirms the well-known saying that the customer is king!

In order to achieve sustainable growth, the businesses today need to realize their customers' current and future demands and to transform themselves to become truly customer-centric companies. This process may require companies to reinvent the ways they work and to introduce core changes to the company's DNAs and mindsets. In today's arena, the agile wins over the big!

The future is today
Today, there is a need to create more synergies across the telecom industry stakeholders in order to garner future prosperity. The starting point is the reconsideration of the traditional business model and the initiation of a new regulatory framework that would respond and adopt innovation by offering creative charging schemes, the structuring of a hosting environment that welcomes new technologies and services and further encourages startups and entrepreneurs. 

This shift of perspective reflects on the readiness of the whole ecosystem to quickly adapt and reinvent its operation models. We, at GBI, have recognized the need for adaptability, collaboration and co-competition. Having realized the challenges of the future, GBI has recently went through a full transformation that led to the adoption of a new structure, a totally reinvented process and the introduction of more intelligence to its network.

We are eager to share our journey of transforming a submarine network into a full-fledged managed services business with like-minded organizations that are equally destined to push the envelope of the communication landscape.

NO to silos in the value-focused vision
GBI's successful transformation was supported by the collaborative approach of the industry and the drive to deliver value to the regional economies. The connectivity industry brings enormous economic benefits when devised by public-private initiatives and policies in sync with the smart governments' vision of the future and regulators. In this new scenario, the role of regulators is critical as they encourage competition and promote innovation through deregulation and the opening of possibilities to new entrants. In essence, regulators serve as catalysts to growth.

On this note, I would like to take the opportunity and share a thought with the regulatory bodies across the Middle East: When it comes to IP transit, viewing the Middle East as a whole group of countries and a connectivity hub will deliver a holistic approach that benefits all stakeholders across the whole region.

The key for succeeding in this evolutionary approach is to consider IP transit corridors as being an open skies platform that share one regulatory framework. Supporting a single pan-regional IP transit corridors platform will bring value to all stakeholders and will create better business and investment opportunities. Companies that realize the need for similar new business models will win out.

We would like to invite all stakeholder across the industry to talk to us. Let's join our efforts to bring more value to our region, countries, communities and our companies, and shareholders.

By Amr Eid, CEO of GBI

Gulf Bridge International (GBI) is a leading submarine network operator whose network spans multiple self healing cable systems across three continents. GBI would like to confirm that the planned preventive maintenance work, expected to take place on Nov 2nd to 6th in the Arabian Sea, will not disrupt our delivery of internet and other services to Kuwait or any other GCC country. All our partners and customers were notified beforehand about the planned work and were offered the option to utilize alternative capacity on the GBI network which would ensure no disruption and extra protection to their existing service.

Gulf Bridge International (GBI) would like to confirm that carrying out such maintenance work is normal practice in the submarine cable industry to ensure a robust and reliable service at all times.

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