Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) announced that its Board of Directors had approved the appointment of Eng. Ahmed Abdulsalam Abdulrahman as Mobily Chief Executive Officer and the acceptance of the resignation of Mr. Ahmad Farroukh. The Chairman and Board of Directors offered their sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Ahmad Farroukh for all his efforts in stabilizing the company and wished him the very best of luck and every success in future endeavors.

Mobily clarified that the Board of Directors approved Eng. Ahmed Abdulsalam’s appointment with effective from 10th of January, enabling him to lead the growth and expansion phase.

Eng. Ahmed has extensive experience in the ICT sector. Over the past 24 years, he has played a major role in the growth of various companies that he worked for. During his long and successful career, Eng. Ahmed has held many positions and responsibilities, including; Managing Director and CEO of Global Telecom Holding, in addition to Vice President of Vimplecom for Asia and Africa.

From 2009 to May, 2011, Orascom appointed him to be the CEO of Banglalink Telecom, and under his tenure, he succeeded in growing and transforming the company. Following this role, he was appointed Managing Director in the Group when it became Global Telecom Holding, and contributed in its expansion in the seventh markets where it operates. Between 2000 and 2008, Eng. Ahmed contributed to launching Mobinil  services, and he held several top management positions, such as; General Marketing Director, to move afterward to Orascom Group. Between 1993 and 1996, he started his career in Telecom & IT sector by joining IBM, and between 1996 and 1998, Eng. Ahmed led a team that launched the third internet service provider in Egypt. 

Mr. Sulaiman Al Gwaiz, Chairman Of Mobily’s Board Of Directors, said on appointing Eng. Ahmed: “Mobily has accomplished a great deal of progress in achieving the goals it set itself in 2015, which are in line with Telecom and IT sector orientation. Mobily is now aiming to reach an advanced phase of growth and expansion with the joining of Eng. Ahmed. We are confident that Eng. Ahmed’s presence in Mobily will have a positive influence on the next phase of our development and wish him every success in his time with our company.” 

Eng. Ahmed has a Bachelor in Communication and Electronics Engineering from Cairo University in 1992, and has “Communication Planning Award” from International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Switzerland; he also completed the International Executive Program Certificate in Business Management from INSEAD University in Singapore and France.

Etisalat, the UAE’s telecommunications conglomerate announced on Sunday, December 25, that its management agreement with Saudi mobile operator Mobily has expired. Etisalat owns 27.4 percent of Mobily and helped to found the company over a decade ago. Etisalat has played a major role in Mobily’s management throughout the years, and the two companies are said to be working on a new arrangement together.

Mobily has been hit by controversy in recent years after it restated 27 months of earnings to March 31, 2015, citing accounting errors due to premature booking of revenue from a promotional campaign. The restatement cut the company’s total profits by 3.63 billion riyals ($968 million).

In a statement on December 25, Etisalat said, “Etisalat Group and Mobily are currently working on developing a service and technical support agreement which will take into consideration Mobily’s requirements for the coming period given the scale of operations and customer base.” Etisalat added, “Etisalat Group and Mobily will continue to work closely and foster the relation between each other to enhance shareholders’ value of both companies.”

Etisalat didn’t elaborate further on this statement. Mobily also commented on its expired management agreement with Etisalat saying “Mobily and Etisalat Group agree on the non-renewal of the same.” No further details were provided by Mobily.

Etisalat’s shares remained steady on Sunday closing 0.6 percent higher, while Mobily shares were flat in late trade, underperforming a 1.5 percent rise in the Saudi stock index.

Commenting on the news, Nishit Lakhotia, head of research at Securities & Investment Co. in Bahrain, said, “Mobily has reached a level of growth that offers it the flexibility to work independently, and maybe Mobily does not need micro-management from Etisalat anymore.” Lakhotia added, “For Etisalat, Saudi is a very important country, and it will remain one of their key influential operations outside the UAE.”

Despite the fact that the two companies seem to be going their separate ways, Lakhotia added that Etisalat has a substantial representation on Mobily’s board, and should therefore retain some influence on Mobily in the future.

Mobily won the Telecom Review Excellence Award under “Best Operator For Enterprise Services” category when participated in its 2016, 7th Summit held in Dubai. Eng. Maziad Alharbi, chief technology officer, received the award on behalf of Mobily.

Telecom Review Award is considered one of the best awards in telecom sector, and Mobily won it out of 167 nominees, which indicates the company’s pioneer role in telecom industry and highlights its success in achieving on-going growth due to professional strategic planning that reflects realistic reading of the sector variables.

Eng. Ismail Alghamdi, chief business officer, stressed that, “Mobily’s winning such international award confirms our pride with our efforts in the Business sector by implementing the best approved international standards, and guarantee our achievements of customer’s needs that gives them an added value and satisfactions by relying on our capabilities and exceptional expertise in establishing information technology infrastructure.”

Mobily has 58 data centers that hosts more than 100 companies, and considered one of the best data centers in the Kingdom which is designed according to international standards and received local and international classifications like 3rd place (Tier III) and 4th place (Tier IV) from UPTIME Institute, which specializes in data centers evaluation worldwide, and that supports Mobily’s Business Services.

Mobily provides topnotch services to Business Sector whether government or private, and that contributes in the digital transformation and in line with 2030 Vision by developing the IT infrastructure that enhances business efficiency and encourages innovation culture which help in quantum leap of business implementation.

Mobily has developed counter (Anti-DDoS) attacks service for the business sector which will provide businesses with complete security from both attacks and cyber hackers which will enable the business sector with the ability to continue operations and continuity.

Mobily is providing (Anti-DDoS) service by cloud computing technology that works in securing electronic services and information security for establishments throughout monitoring, controlling, and analysing network traffic 24/7. This will allow establishments' electronic services to be available permanently with no discontinuity due to the existence of this service in Mobily information security centers in the Kingdom.

Establishments in various activities whether industrial, government, financial, and other business sectors are keen to provide the best electronic services to their clients permanently without discontinuity; therefore, it will become a target from service blocker attackers which results in disabling the connection with services servers leading to blocking them from customers, and that leads to administrative losses in required efforts to re-run these services quickly and in limited financial losses in case customers' trust is shaken by the establishment capability in protecting their data and privacy, which can be avoided by using Mobily Anti-DDoS service.

Mobily Business is providing several services to both government and private sectors like internet service, whether mobile or via 4G network or landline or FTTH, and information security and business continuity service which provide protection from attacks and hacks. In addition to advanced information technology services like managed services, M2M services, cloud computing and data centers.

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