du was honored and excited to accept the awards for Best Smart City Initiative and Best Cloud Provider at this year’s Telecom Review Summit. du was chosen by an independent panel of 15 experience industry veterans to receive the Best Smart City Initiative Award at the Telecom Review Excellence Awards ceremony. Osman Sultan, du’s chief executive officer accepted the awards in front of his executive management team and other ICT luminaries in attendance. 

The summit, now in its fourth year, brought together the best telecom and ICT industry leaders in the region at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City.

Commenting on the Awards ceremony, Osman Sultan, chief executive officer at du said : "Proceeding from our deep belief that telecom companies play a major role in the future development of our nation and propagating the UAE knowledge economy, we endeavor to offer innovative ICT services and leading digital infrastructure solutions that will lay a solid foundation for the smart city. We are pleased to be recognised with the Smart City Initiative award – a testament to our efforts during 2016 to make Dubai the smartest city in the world. du is keen to continue in our cooperation with our strategic partners to develop a full range of smart services and cloud solutions, which will contribute significantly in spreading smart city services throughout the region. At du, we are proud of our progress thus far; it has inspired us to continue harnessing future potential until our goal of living in a society completely connected by smart applications and the Internet of Things."

From infrastructure to next generation services, du is leveraging flexible Cloud models and making innovative solutions available to SMEs, enterprises, government institutions and global service providers. In terms of its prowess in the cloud, du’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service is transforming the ICT landscape, while securing the government web presence and delivering cross-platform content.

du plays a pivotal role in Dubai’s evolution into a Smart City. Beyond its strategic partnership with the Government’s Smart Dubai Office, du continues to invest in city-wide initiatives to transform Dubai into the Smartest City in the World, driving unparalleled quality of life for its residents and visitors using Smart Technology. Some of these include enhancing dynamic connectivity through solutions that include fleet management, which use Machine to Machine technology, as well as the ongoing roll out of WiFi UAE.

du is driven by innovation and finding technologies that bring only the biggest benefits for the people, businesses and government of the UAE.

Speaking at the 2016 Telecom Review Summit, Gary Heffernan, senior managing director for Communications, Media & Technology, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America at ‎Accenture, gave a thoughtful keynote speech about disruption within the Communications industry.

He said: “There is no doubt that with the disruption and change that is going on around the industry, consumers have different and changing expectations of Communications Service Providers (CSPs).  I think the proliferation and explosion of devices, the explosion of consumption, and the explosion of experiences, creates a massive business upside for them, but only if they start to scale capabilities that will change their game on their customer experience.”

“I believe in the need to inject new DNA – being digital capability - in CSPs’ organizations - a change that is absolutely critical as we think about the next generation of telecommunications,” Mr. Heffernan told delegates at the Summit. He added that there is “great opportunity” in what he calls “B2B 2.0”. Around the world, industries are crying out for innovation, and CSPs have the opportunity to empower enterprises with connectivity as the IoT starts becoming reality, he said.

According to Heffernan, the Communications, Media and Technology industries are providing the majority of game-changing technology and innovation. If we’re going to seize the “B2B 2.0” opportunity, he explained – whether that’s in SME’s or large corporates – we need more of the thinking that was highlighted at the Summit.

This includes collaboration with governments, creating the right investment climate, and becoming more pro-active in orchestrating the eco-system, whether that’s with start-ups or whether that’s with new innovators. These factors are “crucial” said Heffernan.

“In relation to the ongoing changes in the Communications industry, you can see that some European CSPs now believe that they’re going to be in the banking business,” Heffernan explained. “You look at companies like Orange, who have announced their intention to be a key player in mobile banking: they have already established “Orange Money” in the Middle East & Africa and now want to take what they’ve done there to other parts of the world.

“I think what’s happening with VOD and OTT is worrying for these industries, but I think CSPs need to be very thoughtful in what areas they’re going to play – and making sure they’ve got the vertical capabilities, the security capabilities, and the aggregator capabilities to be successful in whatever bets they choose.”

Discussing Dubai’s smart city transformation, Heffernan noted that there is clearly a “lot of vision” in the region – particularly with Dubai’s ability to attract talent. Right now, he said, the Communications industry needs leaders, not administrators: “Leaders that are going to have a vision and have the courage to try new things, and the courage to really transform their capabilities.” The capabilities of the last 20-30 years will “not be enough to transform any telecoms operator into a digital visionary.”

It’s absolutely crucial, Heffernan said, for CSPs to make the right investments in training and capability, and create the right environment for investment. “I truly believe that the key driver between success and failure will be talent,” said Heffernan. He also emphasized, “the ability to nurture, retain and unleash talent, even if it means challenging all the fundamental assumptions in your organization.”

Leading advisory company goetzpartners was present at the Telecom Review Summit in Dubai on December 13, 2016. Erik Almqvist, who leads the goetzpartners Middle East team, moderated the Leaders’ Panel at the event. The Leaders’ Panel explored wide-ranging topics that include the opportunities of digital transformation for telecoms operators, IoT services and mobility: all issues where goetzpartners has a proven record in projects worldwide.

Telecom Review Summit 2016: “It’s all about Smart Networking”

As one of the most important events of its kind in the Middle East region, the conference certainly lived up to its slogan: “It’s all about Smart Networking”. The 2016 event marks the seventh year of the annual summit, which brings people together to debate and hear about developments in the regional and worldwide telecommunications industry. The participants – over 380 people attended last year – are drawn from across the industry, and include vendors, operators, content and solution providers, government and NGO representatives.

With a busy agenda awaiting participants, the focus this year was on leveraging smart technology in the digital era. There were panels on smart city infrastructure and its impact on the economy, the challenges of data growth (notably concerning security) and on how mobility is changing the concept of media and broadcasting. The panel led by Erik Almqvist brought together telecommunications leaders in a broad debate that touched on the key topics of the day: the impact of digital transformation on the telecoms industry; how mobility is transforming the customer experience; the role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in telecommunications, and what the potential revenue streams would look like.

Commenting on the importance of the event, goetzpartners Middle East MD Erik Almqvist says: “The telecom leaders present highlighted the regional opportunities of IoT, Smart Cities and 5G, whilst underlining challenges and opportunities of successful digital transformations, a strategic necessity to stay competitive, and outlined likely scenarios for network sharing and possible regional consolidation. Overall it was a vibrant and illuminative panel debate.”

goetzpartners in the Middle East

As a global transformation partner with a world-class track record, goetzpartners is ideally positioned to help organizations in the region to navigate their digital challenges, and the December 13 Telecom Review Summit is the latest in a number of events in the Middle East region at which goetzpartners has contributed both expertise and value. goetzpartners opened its office in Dubai earlier this year, in July, extending its international reach and creating a vital local presence through which the company can provide organizations in the Middle East with advisory expertise in high-growth sectors such as telecommunications, with support on issues concerning strategy and transformation in particular.

goetzpartners: Advisory for Strategy, M&A and Transformation

goetzpartners is an independent advisory firm for all key issues of entrepreneurial activity: Strategy, M&A, Transformation. With more than 300 professionals operating out of 14 offices in 11 countries, we advise clients worldwide in all key industries.

Telecom Review’s debut summit “It’s all about Networking” closed successfully in Dubai on December 17th, 2012 with a record attendance of ICT industry leaders who came from across the region to hear the industry’s latest trends.

The full dedicated conference saw the region’s biggest C-level gathering where CEOs and international industry experts came together to identify the winning strategies for capturing growth and increasing revenues from the data tsunami and LTE.

As a conference guest of honor H.E. Nicolas Sehnaoui, Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications gave a dynamic speech in which he discussed the current situation of the telecom and ICT sector in Lebanon, shedding light on the speedy development of this sector and its effects on other industries as well as the economy.

Ross Cormack, CEO, Nawras; Osman Sultan, CEO, du; Marwan Hayek CEO, Alfa; Hassan Kabbani, Advisor, Oger Telecom; Dr. Bassam Hannoun, CEO, Wataniya  Kuwait; Ahmad Hanandeh, CEO, Zain Jordan and Hussein Rifai, CEO, MDIC were all present and gave their views on the hottest industry trends.

Also the region’s leading CTOs sat together and share their expertise in overcoming the top challenges in deploying new technologies.

The summit was followed by a gala dinner and the Telecom Review LEADERS MERIT AWARDS that recognized outstanding industry leaders across the globe.

You can check the full coverage in Telecom Review January 2013 issue.

Telecom Review Summit 2016

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