Ooredoo Oman had the highest score in terms of customer satisfaction, customer care, store experience, customer journey, and network. Aligning with the Ooredoo Group’s digital-first strategy into 2022, the company is digital from A-Z, shifting from ‘brick to click’.

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Nokia is a global technology leader that is focusing on addressing the Middle East and African (MEA) region’s requirement and challenges. From responding to the surge of traffic up to fulfilling the needs of the enterprises and operators, Nokia’s state-of-the-art solutions are deployed with high level of quality, efficiency, and sustainability in mind.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Stefano Resi, Sales Director, Nokia MEA shared insightful notes on the influence that webscalers have on the telecommunications scene and cited some of Nokia's webscale networking solutions.

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COVID-19 updates

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc has launched its “Ramadan Lives On” campaign with a dedication to the people of Kuwait and the Arab world, wishing a blessed and fulfilling Holy Month of Ramadan.

In a statement released by the company, stc announced that it released a Ramadan advertisement carrying the same name as its campaign, noting that the production received positive feedback from the public, generating over 4 million views on its first day.

This campaign comes within the framework of stc’s corporate social responsibility strategy focusing on supporting the local community and Arab World during these difficult times.

Despite the current conditions and enforcement of social distancing, stc stands by its commitment, especially during the Holy Month, to continue providing its customers with uninterrupted services, allowing them to connect with their loved ones through stc’s advanced digital channels and solutions. 

In her role, Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, “We are pleased with the public’s reception and feedback regarding our 2020 Ramadan advertisement, “Ramadan Lives On”. The video exceeded 4 million views in one day after it was uploaded on stc’s digital platforms, reflecting the originality of the concept and quality of the production, which was positively received by the audience.”

Explaining the concept, AlJasem said, "We focused on portraying what the world is currently going through while touching on the importance of staying connected with your loved ones. Even though worldwide lockdowns and curfews have emptied streets, closed businesses, and triggered economic slowdowns, Ramadan lives on in our hearts and continues to be filled with life. The Holy Month reminds us of the strength of our faith and will power to adjust and overcome obstacles that arise in our paths. The annual traditions tied to the Holy Month are still felt and experienced in our beloved country, despite the current circumstances.”

The concept focuses on furthering social distancing initiatives and encouraging people to stay home whilst using the platforms to stay connected with their families and friends.

"As part of our social responsibility agenda, we launched a series of activities and CSR initiatives under the umbrella of our “Ramadan Live On” campaign. The activities aim to support the people of Kuwait in facing the current conditions that are in effect due to the pandemic. The campaign comes as a segment of stc’s commitment towards supporting the local community and economy,” added AlJasem.

“Since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak in Kuwait, stc has worked diligently to assist the government’s efforts in responding and containing the spread of infection. In our most recent initiative, stc utilized its resources to accommodate returning citizens to their beloved country, as well as back the preventative measures the country has set in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic," she concluded.

The Company also distributed 25,000 free prepaid lines to travelers arriving back to Kuwait in cooperation with Kuwait Airways and the Ministry of Health. The purpose of distributing the prepaid lines was to ensure that returning citizens had a channel to communicate with their loved ones at no cost during the mandatory isolation period.

To better serve its customers, stc upgraded its digital channels to offer the Company’s array of products and services to new and existing customers from the comfort of their homes. stc’s online platforms also allow customers to seamlessly execute transactions related to their accounts online and hassle free.

With the upgrade came a series of online exclusive offers to enrich the customers’ experience at home, whether it be online gaming, working remotely from home or enjoying services to fulfill their entertainment needs.

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