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The need for an enhanced and faster social media experience is more essential than ever. Understanding that need, GBI, a global cloud, connectivity and content enabler that owns and operates a smart, fully managed service network, is teaming up with social media platforms, content delivery networks and global cloud providers in the Middle East. Regional users will now experience a faster connection to the media and contents hubs, reducing the waiting time for content to reach the viewer.

Through its regional landing partners, fixed broadband and mobile network operators, GBI has access to the most sophisticated and reliable terrestrial in-country networks. As the only operator to provide diverse routing from Europe to all the countries of the Gulf and the lowest latency route between Europe and India, the network design utilizes the latest technology, including 40G and 100G, and offers resilient and safe technology to its customers.

"As more people adopt digitally-aided lifestyles, we are thrilled to partner with social media networks to enhance their user's experience, providing a faster and more reliable connection. Ultra-low latency allows users to view content at almost real-time speeds," said Amr Eid, CEO of GBI. "We have and are continuing to deploy the latest technology designed to best address regional growth and provide our partners with greater choice and value."

The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions globally in terms of demand for bandwidth. According to a report issued by Google, watch time on YouTube is growing by 60 per cent year-on-year in the region. Additionally, video content traffic is expected to grow to 69 per cent.

With this in mind, GBI recognized the demand for bandwidth and capacity usage, which has increased by a whopping 68 per cent since 2014. GBI's low latency capabilities help simplify business for carriers, operators and content providers by reducing costs, giving them content access to the region and beyond. Besides connectivity, GBI also provides a smart way of delivering services with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

Since 2008, GBI has been instrumental in connecting the world to the Middle East. As a catalyst for growth, GBI is considered carriers' carrier for telecom operators, ISPs, and governments across the region.

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