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Canadian software firm Redknee Solutions Inc., which specializes in mission critical monetization and subscriber management solutions for communication services providers (CSPs), has changed its corporate name to Optiva Inc. and unveiled a new vibrant brand and visual identity as part of its sweeping transformation.

The company's rebranding is an essential next step in its evolution, the company said in a statement. The name Optiva comes from a combination of the Greek prefix "opti-," meaning light and sight, and the word "value."

"We are completely rebuilding Redknee from the ground up: starting with focusing on our customers' success, we want to provide key business insights to our customers coupled with innovative products. To reinforce this transformation, we are thrilled to adopt a new name and visual identity," said Danielle Royston, CEO of Optiva Inc. (formerly Redknee Solutions Inc). "The Optiva™ brand captures the vision and energy of our team, aligns with our strategic plan and catalyzes our future endeavors."

The Optiva™ brand reaffirms the company's commitment to deliver powerful insights and innovations and to drive its customer success program - Optiva Advantage™. With this program, every customer outlines its overall strategic business goals, and a plan is created to align people, products and projects to achieve these objectives.

"Our new brand further embodies our vision to provide valuable, innovative and agile products at the lowest total cost of ownership. We want to align ourselves with our customers who want market leading products at market competitive prices. This distinctive differentiation along with our Optiva Advantage™ program is the start of a new beginning for our company, and I could not be more excited about our future," said Ms. Royston.

For a look at the new Optiva brand, visit the new website at optiva.com.

Renaming the company Optiva Inc. will be finalized upon completion of all requisite shareholder and regulatory approvals, with an anticipated effective date of April 3, 2018. OPTIVA and OPTIVA ADVANTAGE are trademarks of Redknee Solutions Inc., dba Optiva Inc.

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