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MYCOM OSI, a leading independent provider of network assurance and service experience assurance solutions to some of the world's largest communications service providers (CSPs), has announced the beta release of EAA GenAie, a generative AI application enabling data-driven decision-making for business executives and operations engineers.

Built on the award-winning EAA platform and use-case proven in some of the world's largest and most complex Tier-1 CSP networks, GenAie is engineered to enhance business and operational decision-making by converting complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Notably, GenAie supports strategic initiatives and long-term planning for CSPs by providing a comprehensive analysis with a complete view and correlation of network data across multiple dimensions.

Mounir Ladki, President and CTO at MYCOM OSI, said, "The EAA GenAie is an essential application enabling business transformation for CSPs. It enables data-driven decision-making for executives, with an objective to democratize access to network, service and customer insights for the CSP's NOC, SOC, CRM and B2B organizations. With the GenAie beta release, we have taken a big step forward in creating 'Network Expert LLMs' for telco business scenarios."

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The EAA GenAie application utilizes MYCOM OSI's award-winning EAA platform and applications to consolidate network domains, normalize data, and apply automation and intelligence. By extracting and correlating data based on network capacity, utilization, infrastructure, and customer experience metrics, it provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the network’s gross performance.

GenAie also provides stakeholders and users with a holistic view of the entity’s network operations using a comprehensive approach that leverages natural language prompting to correlate data on capacity planning and expansion data, traffic analysis, network performance, incident data, and device performance metrics.

As a result, CSPs can proactively identify trends, anticipate service and capacity needs, and optimize infrastructure investments, ultimately catalyzing a cascade effect that reduces the cost of operations and enhances the customer’s experience.

Paul Ghanime, VP of Product Management at MYCOM OSI, added, "GenAie has been designed to empower CSP frontline operations and business teams through natural language insights into complex network and service issues. GenAie facilitates executive discussions by providing comprehensive insights to support strategic business decisions, offering clear visibility into key performance indicators and trends. Its analytical capabilities optimize resource allocation and ensure seamless network scalability."

The EAA GenAie application, available as a cloud-based SaaS offering in collaboration with Amazon Bedrock and other GenAI frameworks, also offers an on-premises solution, seamlessly integrating with multiple LLMs.

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