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Throughout the Covid era that stroke over 2 years ago, we were monitoring how every city and country is handling this unprecedented situation that happened overnight without warning.

The duties of a mayor or government and corporate managers are alike; they both have to manage a group of people but to a different extent. Authorities have to work responsibly for the good of their citizens, the residents or even the visitors. 

Unfortunately many counties have failed. They chose to close their countries for over 2 years and repelled visitors from all over the world.

Following an adapted version of the successful models some countries adopted is the right decision. Invest in vaccines and sanitizers products, talk to every entity to raise awareness.

It will cost much less than damaging the economy, hurting the people and distorting the country’s image for years to come.

Do not be shy to copy the good leader or successful country model.

What’s more important is to move on because life should continue. Enough is enough.

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