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Vanrise Solutions has been helping telecom companies succeed in the digital era through a wide range of services and solutions it develops to fulfill industry requirements. Telecom Review spoke to Vanrise Solutions’ CEO, Mr. Jamal Anouti, in order to discover more about the company, the journey it has undertaken since its establishment and the recent projects it’s implemented. 

“Vanrise solutions was established in 2006 but was effectively present since 1991 through the founding companies. Vanrise was set up to offer telecom solutions to the carrier business initially then moved on to cover operators, incumbents and regulators,” he said.  

The company has grown into a worldwide industry leader in providing amalgamated solutions in the fields of telecom billing and routing management, fraud detection, voice quality testing, probing, quality monitoring, revenue assurance, cybersecurity and international gateway management. 

When asked about the recent projects the company has implemented, the CEO mentioned several projects highlighting a key project it executed in 2018 for Ogero, the engine of the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication. He explained, “We were announced winners of the international competitive bid which comprised world leaders in telecom. We were given a whole year to implement a complex solution, and managed to deliver four months prior to the deadline. Since then, three major telecom operators in North Africa have chosen Vanrise’s T.One for managing their international and interconnect traffic. ”

“For Ogero, the delivered solution is based on our T.One platform covering billing of local and international interconnect traffic along with additional billing of services such as fiber and other capacity services offered by Ogero. The project also required seamless integration with Ericsson’s retail solution including mediation and CRM components.” 

T.One is going to allow Ogero to benefit from the advanced features which set a firm ground for achieving business agility, flexibility, exceptional user experience, advanced business intelligence, scalability and smooth integration with third party systems. The solution covers voice and data traffic, and will assist Ogero in improving its profit margins through revenue loss prevention as a result of the automatic tariff management, automated routing, advanced cost analysis, and improved financial settlements with local and international players.

“Another key achievement for Vanrise was the recent implementation of the Public Key Infrastructure project in Iraq. Vanrise has been licensed, through an international competitive bid, by the State Company for Internet Services (SCIS) to manage the entire digital signature services in Iraq. The PKI has been successfully established and a wide spectrum of digital signature and security services have been made available for the government and the citizens in Iraq,” Jamal Anouti said. 

The industry has tremendously transformed since 2006, the date when Vanrise Solutions was founded. What was the highlight of the company’s journey so far?

The CEO says, “Managing the International Voice Gateway in Iraq is definitely a major milestone in the history of the Vanrise.  We were able to set up the international gateway in 2012 by establishing the international fiber connectivity through several borders, implementing our full IGW management solution VANGATE, and running the entire show (interconnect agreements, pricing, billing, invoicing, NOC, etc.) on behalf of ITPC.  We had a steady growth since 2006 and have successfully managed to develop our solutions portfolio in a very tough and competitive market. We adapted to the severe and constant decline in the voice market, and developed further our platform to answer the needs of the rising SMS and data markets with both on premise and cloud business selling models.”

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