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GITEX Technology Week 2019 provided the perfect opportunity to meet leading companies in the fields of technology and telecommunications and get to know more about their latest solutions and products. Eaton was one of the companies we met to discuss the company’s main areas of focus. Ashraf Yehia, managing director, Eaton Middle East, told Telecom Review that customers are at the heart of everything they do at Eaton and they always strive to meet their expectations.

What are Eaton’s main areas of focus?

Our main focus is to secure the continuity of business for our customers. That is why we always try to come up with new solutions, limit the losses and increase efficiency in terms of power continuity. I believe that the business will witness a booming period over the next 2-3 years especially that a new dynamic came into equation which is the cloud.

People relied in the past on their own servers and data centers. Today, the game is changing and data centers investments have to take the growth in cloud into account. Our focus to offer a complete solution for data canters from LV switchgear, medium voltage switchgear and UPS solutions, will guarantee a full power quality package to our customers which will allow them to accelerate the execution and optimize the solution. They no longer have to deal with several partners to secure a power quality solution; we can offer them everything through a one-stop-shop.

What technologies will also impact data centers in the future other than the cloud?

IoT will have a great impact in the future. We are working on IoT offerings for the whole new electrical range which should be connected over the cloud where you can have your preventive maintenance and get a prescription. You’ll be allowed to access all details related to your network, your products, your down time, and information on when to forecast the next maintenance period.

I believe it’s an exciting time for the next-generation of technology and the region should give great attention and embrace these two technologies.

In your opinion, how has technology affected the power industry?

Over the last 5 years, there has been a huge shift. There were times when we only talked about conventional products and thought that the technological revolution will reach the Middle East region very late. However, the shift kicked off about 3 years ago in the Middle East and you can notice the change that affected certain products such as lighting equipment for instance. It started with LED, then connectivity came through and now IoT is a crucial part of it. This cycle has allowed lighting equipment to become a complete solution offering. Switchgears are also set to undertake the same acceleration phase which will be a welcome addition to the electrical landscape in the region.

What do you aspire to achieve in 2020?

Our ultimate goal is to always achieve customer satisfaction. We also aim to offer the best solutions to our customers while considering their inputs in order to meet their expectations. Serving the needs of your customers is imperative. Customer satisfaction is a benchmark we strive on a daily basis and catering for what they require to serve prestigious projects across the region.

Furthermore, we believe that we have the right infrastructure in the region and we are reinforcing our organization and customer support to be able to communicate with our customers on a regular basis. We are deploying tireless efforts to deliver on our mission and achieve all of our goals by 2020.

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