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Vicent Soler, CEO, Kenmei Technologies has spoken to Telecom Review about the company’s journey thus far and its flagship solution ADELE®. He explained how the solution helps by not only reducing the operational costs of the existing networks but also by improving their quality.

As a telecom expert, what is the story behind Kenmei’s establishment? Why did you choose network intelligence and automation as your core business?

Over the past few years, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been heavily investing in their big data and cloud infrastructures. One of the main objectives of said investments was the creation of a data lake where multiple data sources could be stored and be used by multiple entities.

However back in 2018 we saw that, despite having a goldmine of data there was a lack of software solutions able to process and analyse the existing data within CSPs, to provide actionable insights. This is how ADELE®, Kenmei’s software solution, was envisioned back in mid-2018: a transversal, big-data native analytics solution delivering network and user insights.

So after deploying their big data lakes, CSPs are looking to leverage the coalesced data sources to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX, while looking for new revenue streams. Being able to decode multiple data sources, correlate and process them using AI algorithms allows our customers to better understand the network and automate part of their routine operational tasks.

This is one of the main reason to choose this business: the ROI CSPs can attain with the exploitation of their data lakes can be huge.

Can you tell us more about ADELE’s network intelligence solution? What makes it stand out among others?
Kenmei as a company combines both big data, machine learning and telco expertise. ADELE® was conceived from scratch as a native big data solution aiming to work with many open-source software components in the big data ecosystem. Therefore, by default, it brings both scalability and massive processing. In addition, ADELE® architecture supports the most relevant cloud providers, which provides a strong advantage in terms of software rollout time plans.

Regarding the telco domain, ADELE® provides connectors and parsers for most of the data sources available in CSP’s data lakes. Also, multiple open data sources are used to enrich, correlate and segment network data. Input data is then processed by AI algorithms that provide descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. The telco expertise of Kenmei allows the ADELE® solution to deliver valuable network actionable insights.

How can Kenmei’s contribution to the current Fourth Industrial Revolution be strong, sustainable, and profitable in the long run? How can Kenmei’s professional services thoroughly respond to the needs of telcos?
At Kenmei we are fully convinced that existing CSPs’ data lakes are a goldmine that must be exploited. Only by means of advanced software processing and AI algorithms, CSPs can really get most of the value from their data. Thus, engineers can spend their time in valuable tasks and not making manual and non-valuable processes that require substantial efforts and may be error prone. ADELE® helps by not only reducing the operational costs of the existing networks but also by improving their quality. Therefore, ADELE® indirectly contributes to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by making 4G and 5G networks more readily operational and profitable.

Without any doubt, our professional services team is a key asset of Kenmei. They allow our ADELE® platform to implement the most advanced telco logic to pinpoint and fix network issues. Clearly, that makes us different from more generic software companies.

In your opinion, what is the main cause of network complexity among operators? How can data intelligence, machine-based learning, and network automation resolve this?
I don’t think there is a main cause of network complexity in operators. Each department has different needs which focus on different topics. All they need are relevant actionable insights from data sources. And the available data sources are the same for all the departments of the operators. First, operators must have a single and unified data model such as the one provided by ADELE®. Then on top of the data model it is possible to apply a set of algorithms to automate or analyse different issues. Finally, ADELE® implements multiple uses cases for all the existing departments within mobile operators: planning, optimization, operations, marketing, fixed network, etc.

What are your next steps in innovating and competing in the technological market worldwide?
As a platform, ADELE® will grow in multiple areas. The development of new connectors and parsers for new data sources will be one of them. ADELE® will bring additional and innovative use cases at every level: descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.

Kenmei has always been an innovative company making things differently from other existing companies. There is a sparkling journey ahead of us.

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