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During GITEX technology week 2021, Telecom Review was able to secure a one-on-one interview with Infinet Wireless CEO, Dmitry Okorokov. The discussion covered various points including the solutions they are displaying at GITEX, why they are the ideal choice for carriers and mobile operators, the long-term expansion plans, among others.

Can you tell us more details about the solutions you are displaying this year at GITEX?

We’re happy to be back at GITEX for the 15th time in a row. We’ve been players in this market for a very long time with a trusted customer base and this year we are displaying an array of multiple solutions for different segments in the market of which our brand new InfiMAN and InfiLINK Evolution series for operators and enterprises delivering record-breaking 800Mbps base station capacity. With various CPEs that you can use these base stations with, it also supports dual frequency bands – 5 and 6 GHz – which I think, in our era of frequency reforming and frequency deficit, is crucial for our customers to have.

Which partnerships do you have in the MEA region and how will you continue to expand further in this market?

This region has always been crucial for the internet and historically, this place is where we started with our first customer in Saudi Arabia, and we are still maintaining our relation until today which shows loyalty and trust. We have multiple partners here in the UAE such as du; in North Africa, especially Egypt, we have partners in both the telecom and enterprise sectors; in Saudi Arabia we are partners with ITC; not to forget Pakistan where we also have partners in various sectors in the market where we are hiring more people due to increasing growth potential.

Among all your industry solutions, what makes Infinet Wireless an ideal choice for carriers and mobile operators?

Historically, our solutions we initially put together were for operators. But as we were developing our solutions, and as we had partnerships not just in this region but worldwide, we realized that they are well suited for a number of different applications including some exotic possibilities such as nomadic connectivity or mobile connectivity for the mining sector or event maritime operations. In my opinion, this flexibility, not just for the equipment but also for our partners, really plays a very important role and this is why our customers stay with us long-term.

What are your long-term plans to remain the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity?

Our products are the heart and core of what we do. Being at the leading edge of technology, this is what companies like Infinet should be doing. With the 5G revolution happening, we cannot stay with just the suite of products we offer today. Thus, we have developed a number of R&D expertise which also open doors for us to go to the millimeter wave world, part of our long-term strategies not just stay in our traditional markets, but expand and move forward as the technology grows.

In your perspective, why are flexible wireless networks crucial for the Industry 4.0 era?

For the industry in general and everything happening in the internet world, IoT, 5G, everything is wirelessly connected. Wireless is the future and I think this is obvious for everyone. And this flexibility is very important for all customers whether being a system integrator, or operator, or end-user, not just as a technology itself but the way customers can use it for various applications and I think this is what we at Infinet were so good at and will be even better at in the future.

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