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During LEAP 2022, Tamer Nasrawin, regional sales engineering manager MENA, Turkey & Pakistan, Infobip had an exclusive interview with Telecom Review about their strategy in delivering great customer experience and their response to the dynamic market trends of today.

How does Infobip continue to build great customer solutions on the edge of innovation?

One of our biggest achievements — the biggest value that we bring to our customers — is we always aim to deliver a great customer experience. This means that we need to make sure that our solutions are always up to the standard, addressing customers’ business pains, their strategies moving forward, and how the dynamic and agile market is changing.

Therefore, we always make sure to push our limits. Every time we go over our R&D, we ask ourselves, how can we do this better? How can we bring more value to our customers? How can we listen to their pains a bit more? And this is what’s driving us as a company globally — to make sure that we deliver the very best to our customers.

What is Infobip mainly showcasing in LEAP and why is your participation in this event important?

Happening in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, LEAP is a platform for digital transformation and innovation that gathers many corporates globally, into one area.  

What we’re showcasing is a bit of two parts — one, we’re talking to our customers and we’re bringing in their value across different industries. If you walked by our booth, you'll be able to see and browse what we can do as an end-to-end solution provider in delivering that exceptional customer experience. This covers multiple verticals — from banking and fintech to even healthcare, logistics, automotive, insurance, and so on.

Part of this as well is to make sure that we show what's out there. We bring our global experience of covering multiple regions in different continents into our local Middle East. What's important for us in MENA is to make sure that we are here, we try to bring value for our customers, and we try to achieve as much as possible with digital strategies in place and have them as partners.

What is your strategic approach in the digital-driven market behavior, specifically in the MENA region?

Today, the markets are changing so fast that all of our customers want to be as agile as possible in response to those updated market dynamics. In order to do that, they need to have the most up-to-date technology and solutions.

What we try to do is bring that global experience that we have across all our operating countries and bring it locally to our customers. That’s why we try to listen more to our customers, we understand their pains and we know the vertical challenges they want to achieve. Thus, we strategize with them to make sure that we are there in alignment with their business and technology strategies.

What I always tell my team and our customers is that they shouldn’t worry about the technology - leave the tricky part to us and just focus on bringing in your business. We're here to help and support them in doing so and we'd be more than happy to bring in the experience of our skilled team and our response to every single vertical to help them succeed.

What can we expect from Infobip in 2022?

2022 is more challenging than before, because every time we go far and beyond, we know that there's a new limit to take. What's really important from our side is to make sure that we always exceed our limits. We make sure that we go beyond for our customers — both locally across MENA and the globe.

This is one of the challenges that we want to address with our customers, to make sure that they have the best-in-breed solutions to grow their business. What's coming in 2022 is going to be much better, faster, more agile, and always the best from Infobip.

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