Sync Digital Solutions’ main focus for 2023 is to develop its own set of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and gradually convert the company from a traditional service provider into an innovation hub. In an exclusive interview, CEO Samer Semaan discusses the company’s purpose in the digital era and towards businesses, as well as the importance of building talent.

From a technical perspective, what are the main steps taken by Sync Digital Solutions to improve high-tech businesses?

Consistency, focus and standardization are the main pillars for any successful high-tech business. Currently, what we do is always follow best practices when it comes to software development and keep our team focused on a specific tech stack. As for our high-tech clients, we work closely with them to set clear project plans by following modern project management methodologies like scrum and agile methodologies. Such measures achieve two main benefits: projects are delivered quickly and efficiently.

The company believes in a connected digital society. How are the company’s solutions and services serving this belief?

Our main focus as a business solutions and business automation provider is to create a harmony between both the human elements and the technology peripherals. This is why whenever we are building a new solution or software, we make it human-centric. Our motto at Sync is “sometimes we automize, and sometimes we customize, but we always humanize.”

What we always do is work closely with the client’s human resources to make sure that they are comfortable using our new software. As with any new software implementation, there is human resistance to it. Thus, instead of imposing packaged software and asking individuals to change their habits, we try to do the opposite and customize our software around the habits and routines that have been a part of our client’s corporate culture.

Can you tell us how you are encouraging skills development in the company?

At Sync, we believe that investment in people is what ensures our success. This is why we have on-going trainings for all our staff — both technical and non-technical. Last month, for example, we had a soft-skill training for leadership in order to improve teamwork. Our software developers also get technical training, usually every six months, while our design team participates in design-related workshops to get insights for the latest design trends.

We are planning this year to launch coding classes for the public, especially for fresh graduates and individuals who are passionate about software development. Our developers will be in charge of this, as they will be giving classes, preparing tests and mentoring some selected students that will help them master their technical skills and pass the knowledge to the new generation.

Always striving towards something new, what are the focus goals of Sync in 2023?

Our main focus for 2023 is to develop our own set of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and gradually convert the company from being a traditional service provider into an innovation hub that creates products and solutions for actual problems that businesses around the globe suffer from.

Ideally, we are planning for new product launches every three to four months. We have been developing solutions for the past ten years, and we decided to take this experience and direct it into our own product pipeline.

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