In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Peeyush Kumar Singh, managing director at Telcovas Solutions, talked about how his company is leveraging its products and solutions to expand its reach, its target customer segments and the importance of the company’s participation in this year’s annual gathering in Barcelona.

How is Telcovas Solutions leveraging the MWC platform to extend its reach globally?

MWC has been a great platform as always, where companies like us can come with what they have built for the last years — or many years –  can come. And it gives the opportunity to showcase what you have done so far — how you can help your customer, and how you can help the entire ecosystem. Then again, we are here and we can learn also from what other partners are doing, what new technology is coming and how the ecosystem is changing. So it is a very great platform for us to grow and see and learn.

Please tell us about the main product Telcovas Solutions is showcasing at the event.

Telcovas has four verticals: One is core, second is roaming, third is valued services and fourth is on regulatory services. There are many products in the core, but we talked about network-in-a-box. So this is a small box which is providing a high-speed and low-latency network. And that is the best use case with remote villages where some schools, government offices, and some private institutions are there, where the connectivity is low but they want to use and enjoy the 5g. So with just a small box from five SIM cards up to 100,000 SIM cards, we can provide the connectivity. Even though there is very low network coverage, we just need an internet connection here. So that is one of the [good] products we have brought.

Who are Telcovas' target customer segments and how are you addressing their needs and requirements?

Our target customer segment is mobile operators only; we do B2B.  And again, whatever solution we give to our target customer, they can go to B2C with their customer, and they can engage them more, get more loyalty and get the best benefit out of that.

Can you share your outlook on 5G growth and how will Telcovas contribute to this?

With 5G, we are very hopeful, and, again, this is the future — so many IoT devices. And the world is entirely going to change with the new innovation of 5G. We are also ready with solutions like network-in-a-box that we have built. And again, we are doing a lot in IoT, like waste management, like fleet management, like science innovations, for the hospitals and all. So we are doing a lot, and we are very optimistic.

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