Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Bilel Jamoussi, Chief of the Study Groups Department of ITU's Standardization Bureau, to discuss the UN standards body’s performance and efficiency. Also, he shed light on the Digital Currency Global Initiative and shared some thoughts about how ITU standardization is coping with all the ongoing challenges.

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In an exclusive for Telecom Review, Karim Benkirane, chief commercial officer at du, elaborates on the context of how they, as a leading digital telco, are enabling continual transformation and helping partners and organizations to maximize the value of digital strategies.

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In an exclusive with Santiago Madruga, VP, partner ecosystem success, EMEA, Red Hat, we gain insights on the relevance of having partners in the ecosystem and how it influences Red Hat’s operations and platform development.

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NEC has been a leading technology company for the past 120 years and continues to be recognized for the quality, durability and innovative approach to all its information and electronics solutions. Tamer Bdran, managing director, NEC GCC, talks to Telecom Review, giving a regional perspective to its operations and a look to the year ahead.

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The wider availability of fiber and the advances in its performance have triggered a new paradigm, and Nokia, as a major global equipment vendor with leading fixed access solutions, significantly contributes to this. In an exclusive with Telecom Review, Mohamed Salama, head of fixed networks, Nokia MEA, shared insights on the current fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) market, Nokia’s latest innovations in GPON technology and how regional operators can benefit from high-speed solutions.

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Over the past few years, Zain KSA has pursued a qualitative investment strategy to achieve three main objectives: deepen innovation and modernization in the national telecommunications sector; promote the best user experience through a bundle of integrated digital solutions and services; and maximize the use of advanced infrastructure to enhance the growth and development of emerging digital sectors.

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