In an exclusive interview with Piers Benjamin, EMEA In-Building Networks (IBN) marketing manager, Corning Optical Communications, we gain insights on how Corning innovates its fiber and connectivity solutions, supports broadband expansion and brings high-speed connections to more people in more communities.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Reailize, talked about the managed services they deliver via its product innovation. They also talked about the challenges that the industry faces, and how is Reailize injecting Automation Intelligence into every aspect of telco operation. The company also discussed the key elements of optimizing and monetizing telco and enterprise networks.

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While Nokia brings a digitalized approach to service delivery, the telecom vendor remains committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its network operations. In a Telecom Review exclusive with Aji Ed, CTO of Mobile Networks, Nokia MEA, he shares the importance of sustainability in their strategy and how the Nokia mobile networks portfolio improves energy efficiency.

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Carbon emission is one of the main factors affecting global climate change. The carbon emissions of ICT itself account for only 2% of the global carbon emissions, but ICT can be used as a platform for various new technologies and applications to help the industry accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation, thereby helping the industry reduce emissions by 10 times the leverage effect.

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In an exclusive joint interview with Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY), Telecom Review welcomes the expert opinions of EY MENA TMT Sector Leader Ahmed Reda and EY Global 5G Industry and Emerging Tech Leader Fuad Siddiqui regarding the region’s top trends, digital transformation demands and connectivity strategies, among their other valuable insights.

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Red Hat is focusing on addressing enterprise software demands. In an exclusive interview, Tim Cramer, senior vice president, software engineering at Red Hat, explains how Red Hat will continue to be an enabler of change while evolving its approach to accelerate as the number one hybrid cloud partner.

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Diversity and inclusion are core values of Zain KSA’s pioneering strategy and vision. Because of this, the company was able to create a work environment that embraces talented individuals, with diverse and strategic thinking, and profound innovations across the board. As a leading telecom operator and digital services provider, Zain KSA believes that achieving full-scale digitalization and engaging the entire community can only be done through empowering all segments of society.

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Telecom Review sat down for an exclusive interview with Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO at GBI to learn more about the company’s role during the FIFA World Cup 2022 and how its multilayer terrestrial and subsea cable meshed network bridges the East to the West, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity to end users.

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With a ready infrastructure and an agile approach, DEWA is one of the most innovative government entities in the region. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Ali Rashed AlSuwaidi, chief innovation officer of DEWA, explains their latest innovations, the potential of metaverse for improved service delivery and their commitment to sustainability.

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