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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has completed the smart transformation process of the frequency spectrum services as part of its strategy to enhance smart transformation in the UAE. Customers can now receive frequency spectrum services from their location without the need to visit TRA or its service centers, starting by applying for the service, until transaction is completed.

TRA has announced the completion of the last paper transaction for spectrum services, and thus, achieving full smart transformation of services. This step is part of TRA institutional values to achieve customer happiness, as well as its strategy to improve the quality of services provided in the UAE ICT sector, to ensure keeping pace with the ICT technology development, provide all administrative services according to the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency, and enhance a smart lifestyle in the UAE.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, said, "TRA is in the process of completing smart transformation of all services and sectors, in order to provide the highest level of services to the customers, achieve their happiness, and support the efforts of digital government and smart city on the national level, to achieve the UAE Vision 2021, and enhance its leadership position in the ICT Sector."

H.E. Al Mansoori clarified that "the success and progress of the smart transformation of the ICT sector facilitate the smart transformation of the other sectors and services, as the telecommunications sector is the key to development in the knowledge-based society and economy that we are witnessing today. We are currently working to enhance interconnection internally and with various entities, which would strengthen integration to achieve the strategic directions of our beloved country, particularly global leadership."

The Frequency Spectrum Management in TRA organized an awareness workshop for the customers regarding new services and the way to apply them. Additionally, it addressed the customers' pertinent experience, comments and expectations. The workshop was attended by a number of wireless devices' dealers and TRA customers, for the purpose of achieving services improvement and meeting the customers' expectations.

TRA is the mandated entity for managing and regulating the frequency spectrum in the UAE, which includes the allocation of frequency spectrum for all radio communication services, coordination and protection of frequency spectrum through monitoring with latest equipment and devices, and representing the UAE in all regional and international forums related to the ICT sectors

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