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The telecommunications and digital government regulatory authority (TDRA) has announced the launch of the UAE Verify platform, which allows government and private entities to verify the authenticity of digital documents issued by government authorities on an immediate basis and without the need for an original hard copy.

The UAE Verify platform uses blockchain technology, which is a shared immutable real-time ledger for recording the history of financial transactions, contracts, and different documents. Blockchain technology helps in regulating data and digital documents, verifying their authenticity, sharing information and documents, and protecting privacy. Hence, the platform allows users to convert their documents to authenticated digital documents with a high level of privacy and security.

In his speech at the launch event, HE Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, director general of TDRA said, "With the launch of the UAE Verify platform, we take a new important step on the path of comprehensive digital transformation using future technologies such as blockchain, which is the technical basis for the UAE Verify platform. We are happy about this platform, which was the result of intensive cooperation between TDRA and many government entities, that worked together in a team spirit to serve the higher goals of the UAE government.”

He commended the partners of the first phase of the platform, namely the ministries of interior, education, health and prevention, justice, community development, climate change and environment; the general authority of civil aviation; the federal authority for identity, citizenship, customs, and ports security; and the Dubai land department.

He further added, "The launch of the UAE Verify platform harmonizes with the electronic transactions federal decree-law announced by our wise leadership and approved by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may Allah protect him, as part of a larger plan to develop federal legislation. The platform also harmonizes with the UAE Government Charter for Future Services. It will play an important role in developing digital services and channels and enhancing the happiness of society. In TDRA, we will continue our efforts to develop digital transformation pillars and principles based on our responsibility for regulation and enablement in the telecommunications and digital government sectors. We aim to continue the major achievements of our country during the next fifty years.

Digital government roadmap 2021-2025

TDRA emphasized that the UAE Verify launch is a major stride to achieve the UAE strategy for government services, which aims to provide human-centered services, establish trust between the government and the society, enhance the UAE competitiveness globally, and guarantee sustainability and efficiency.

Al Mesmar stressed that the launch of the UAE Verify platform comes as a result of a digital trust project that began about four years ago, thanks to the directives of the wise leadership to shape a future that matches the UAE’s position and lay scientific foundations for the future government. As part of the digital government roadmap 2021-2025, the UAE Verify digital platform was launched to achieve 100 percent digital government services in the country that are accessible to individuals, businesses, and federal government employees.

This initiative aims to attain six strategic and priority goals: provide a unified digital platform and common digital enablers; provide a world-class digital infrastructure; enable easy and quick integrated digital services tailored to meet the clients’ needs; upgrade digital capabilities and skills; prepare legislation to ensure seamless and holistic digital transformation; and increase the efficiency of government work.

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