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eVulpa, a UAE based company, has been appointed to be the exclusive partner for the commercial rights of the West Asia Super League which has been created by FIBA, the International Basketball Federation recently. The West Asia Super League is a new pan-regional league for the top professional clubs in West Asia, Gulf, India and Kazakhstan.

The multi-year partnership involves services in the area of media and broadcasting, branding, merchandising, event hospitality, and on-site operations.

eVulpa founder and chairman Marwan Hayek said, “We are honored to announce our long-term partnership with FIBA and excited to be part of this extraordinary initiative of promoting the first “FIBA West Asia Super League – WASL”. This is a thrilling partnership for the eVulpa team, who will strive to contribute to the development of Basketball in West Asia by deploying the necessary resources, platforms and know-how to achieve FIBA’s ambitious objectives.

“This partnership marks the start of a new journey for us where we will focus on making premium sports content available to both consumers and businesses through our partnerships with official sports governing bodies and key players in the telco industry of the region. Together, we will raise the benchmark and set a new standard in the sports industry.”

He added, “We believe that digitizing sports will extend its reach and help spreading positive vibes within society, positively impacting lives and reinforcing the winning spirit that drives, motivates and inspires us at eVulpa. Our digital streaming platforms will be a corner stone of our strategy and our collaboration with telecom operators across our 14 countries of operation (Levant, GCC, India and Kazakhstan with a total population close to 2 Billion) will be key in the quest of achieving this ambition. Our team will operate primarily from eVulpa’s Dubai office with support setups across the region and will have the single purpose of exclusively marketing and promoting WASL and other sports to fans, partners and the general public.”

Hayek stressed that sustainability is key to achieving success, and eVulpa is ready to continuously deliver and outperform in the best interest of WASL and sport. “Sport has the power to unite people, break boundaries and create hope. It is a lifestyle”, he concluded.

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