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Saleem Alblooshi, CTO, du, delivered a keynote address to the audience at Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit 2022, tackling typical areas of focus for a telco CTO like quality, efficiency, effective ways of working and securing connectivity, customers and society, and mostly the progress the company has made toward digital transformation.

“Our focus is on the customer in digital transformation,” noted Alblooshi. He gave the example of legacy Big Data with limited data sources, which was a prior state. After the transformation journey, it became a data factory and a real-time event streaming with the business value as a single source of truth, including data monetization. Tools are not enough. “We have created a specific operating model,” Alblooshi said, explaining the challenge faced is from a cultural perspective. 

Go Digital or Go Home

du collected 41,080 hours of CCR Automation and 16,288 hours of HCM Automation, with 11,801 hours Transport Automation as a use case. So, total man-hours were saved from the beginning of the GDGH program in April 2021 to  November 16, 2022. For a successful process, he gave their three-word credo: “Plan, Implement and Operate.”

Moreover, Alblooshi shed light on the digital transformation effect on Opex. “To increase value, we must embrace change.” Accumulative CAPEX investment for the past sixyear trend has been high in growth, but the actual OPEX trend is flat. The company is working with all its partners to increase value to shareholders and customers.


“ENABLE 2027” is an adaptive, proactive and dynamic cybersecurity approach. The aim of this vision is to evolve access technologies (giga network), next-generation operations, cloud automation and network as a service, borderless resource harmonization and energy efficiency. 

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