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The fiscal year 2023 has begun, and for NEC, it will be a year of significant turning points.

According to Takayuki Morita, CEO at NEC, this coming year marks both the third year and the halfway point of the NEC Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, created in May 2021. This year will also serve as a test of whether the company is able to build on previous initiatives and make progress toward its committed goals, both internal and external. Morita calls for NEC to seize this chance to express the company's unwavering resolve as this new fiscal year begins.

The ”NEC Way,” explains Morita, is a set of shared values that serves as the foundation for how the entire NEC Group conducts itself. It has been the basis for numerous transformations that NEC has carried out in recent years. These include: reforming work practices; promoting inclusion and diversity; reviewing personnel management; changing people's attitudes and behaviors; and implementing digital transformation (DX) using cutting-edge technologies.

Morita states that the first transformation that they will concentrate on in this new fiscal year will be a review of the best possible new organizational structure moving forward. In order to achieve this, a Digital Platform Business Unit, a new global business structure, will centralize DX products and services in order to streamline business operations within the NEC Group. This will allow the delivery of value that is specifically suited to the unique characteristics of various markets.

NEC is increasingly being asked to provide input as a well-known technology company at significant international conferences, according to Morita. NEC customers in the mission-critical sector have come to depend on the company’s leadership contributions.

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