The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has brought pioneering innovation to its digital services by adopting the power of artificial intelligence.

The TDRA has launched the "Name Ideas" initiative, which helps users choose original UAE domain names for websites through a ChatGPT-supported mechanism.

As the first adopters of AI, this initiative allows users to find a suitable domain name for their business by simply submitting a simplified description of the commercial activity.

SMEs often struggle to find a domain name that aptly matches their activity to promote and reach the widest segment of customers. The "Name Ideas" initiative solves this problem, as the description of the activity is provided in Arabic, English or even the local dialect. Then, it is analyzed based on AI algorithms, and a list of proposed domain names is prepared. The service automatically checks the availability of each name at TDRA before displaying the list to the applicant. In the end, the applicant gets a list of proposed names that meet two vital conditions: availability and suitability. Domain names play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) activities in the digital economy.

The applicants can register the domain name of their choice immediately by choosing an accredited domain registrar from the displayed list and then clicking on the registrar’s registration page to complete the transaction in just a few minutes.

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Commenting on this initiative, Talal Humaid Belhoul, chairman of TDRA’s Board of Directors, noted, “The application of ChatGPT comes in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership to explore the horizons of this technology and its implications for government work, as it represents a growing phenomenon in our era, which is the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where emerging technologies have created a new reality that requires us to keep exploring potential horizons and leverage them to provide advanced and unprecedented services that add distinctive value to the customer journey. We at TDRA, based on our role in overseeing digital transformation and in line with the wise leadership’s directives, have a comprehensive plan to employ emerging technologies, including ChatGPT, and today we announce ‘Name Ideas,’ the first UAE initiative in this field, which targets entrepreneurs, owners of innovative business ideas and new investors.”

ChatGPT uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations and videos, from large data sets fed into it from the internet.

The UAE domain (.ae) is one of the most used domains in the region. The demand for .ae domains comes largely from the stable and strong UAE economy. Many companies are interested in being affiliated with the UAE economy, whether on the ground or virtually, and the choice of a .ae domain name provides one such avenue. Entrepreneurs, new investors and owners of investment ideas can benefit from this initiative through TDRA’s website.

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