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Anam, the fastest growing independent SMS Firewall and A2P monetization service provider in the world, announced a substantial new three-year contract with mobile telecom provider Tele2 Russia, involving the overlay of Anam’s Managed A2P SMS Services portfolio on the currently deployed SMS Firewall.

The advancement of wholesale A2P SMS as a professional and reliable service is central to the Anam-Tele2 partnership because the channel has been suffering from low quality and grey routing into MNO’s across the world for a long time. Tele2 serves 40.3 thousand subscribers across 65 regions in Russia.

Tele2 initially purchased the Anam firewall back in 2014 to manage spam SMS and the two companies have worked closely since then to tackle SMS fraud on the Tele2 network, including empowering subscribers through the introduction of a user-controlled feature to blacklist message originators. The Anam firewall has become an essential cornerstone of the Tele2 network as it protects subscribers from unauthorized SMS messages and SMS-driven fraud, as well as fulfilling Russian regulations in this area. 

Hugh Carberry, Director of Revenue Analytics at Anam expressed his excitement about the future for the company’s collaboration with Tele2 Russia. “Early success is very encouraging and indicative of the great potential to convert grey route SMS to legitimate traffic, protect subscribers from unwanted SMS and ensure deserved revenue streams for our customers,” he said. “Anam’s Managed Services and Reporting platform provides a complete SMS management overview which enables actionable insights to prevent the termination of SMS traffic via grey routes.” 

On the results of the cooperation and its prospects, Oleg Reshetin, Product Strategy Director at Tele2 said, “Tele2 is using a multi-level protection system to detect and block mobile fraud on its network. Unsolicited SMS and SMS-driven fraud once topped the list of customer applications that reported fake bank messages, information on wins, ads with links to fraud websites, etc.”

“Our cooperation with Anam helped us filter out mass texting and provide our clients with easy-to-use tools to blacklist unwanted messages. These measures led to a sharp decrease in a number of complaints about unauthorized SMS. Our further partnership will largely contribute to Tele2’s intention to provide its clients with secure and most up-to-date services”, he added. 

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