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In line with its efforts to support the UAE government's aspirations to ensure a sustainable future for the upcoming generations, du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has announced its participation for the sixth time at the World Government Summit as a headline partner.

During the summit, du will participate in discussions on the importance of digital innovation in promoting the progress of countries and communities around the world. The company will also highlight the role of modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain and IoT in improving the quality of public and private services as well as improving people’s lives.

Commenting on the event, His Excellency Mohamed Al Hussaini, Chairman, EITC, said: “The World Government Summit represents the global pinnacle of innovative thought leadership. As we brace for the fourth industrial revolution, platforms such as this are essential to empower the world’s decision-makers and policy-makers to make ardent strides towards improving the lives of citizens across all of society. In line with our efforts to drive the UAE’s digital transformation, we are proud to continually support this grand event and to generate dialogue that promotes the sustainable futures of the UAE and the world via next-generation telecommunications advancements.”

At the summit, Osman Sultan, CEO of EITC will be participating in a panel discussion along with other industry leaders including prominent representatives of ITU and TRA on ‘The Upcoming Revolution in the Telecom Sector’.

Sultan said: "We are proud of our strategic partnership with the World Government Summit, which has proven its importance as a global platform for dialogues and solutions to the challenges facing governments nowadays. In line with the various developments in today's world, there is a need to develop integrated digital solutions and systems that can contribute to improving the lives of people and communities. By participating in this year's summit, we aim to present our vision of the importance of telco and ICT services in creating a more sustainable future for people in the UAE, the region and the world. We are committed to strengthening our partnerships with various stakeholders to set a roadmap for the next phase of the digital innovation era.”

The summit will host a variety of distinguished world leaders as well as a large number of industry experts and spokespersons, who will discuss the role of governments in finding solutions to the challenges facing the development and progress of societies.

Participants in the three-day summit will discuss several key themes including globalization, opportunities and challenges, public-private partnerships as well as youth support and empowerment of various groups within society.

During the GITEX Technology Week 2018, which was held in Dubai last October, du presented GOV2071 Guidebook Experience, which outlines the major future global societal and technological megatrends. In line with the GOV2071 Guidebook goals, du aims, at this year's summit, to engage in the development of potential scenarios to promote technological innovations until 2071 by providing a comprehensive view of future trends and available technologies.

This will be du’s sixth consecutive year participating in the World Government Summit, which has proven itself effective and influential through its own transformation from a government summit into a world government summit, bringing together a diverse group of intellectuals, decision makers, and representatives of state governments under a common interest in future development.

du has a vision based on the importance of contributing to such constructive dialogues as a means of boosting the advancement and progress of communities around the world and contributing to the UAE’s vision of being a global leader in innovation and technological advancement.

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