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Kuwait Telecommunications Company (stc), a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers and enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced that it has successfully tested advanced 5.5G technologies that include 5.5G three-carrier aggregation (3CC CA) and 5.5G Passive IOT.

5.5G technology is designed to revolutionize the capacity, speed, and reliability of communication networks. The technology targets building an advanced 10 Gbps connected smart network with features that provide higher data speed, increasing system capacity, boosted coverage, lower latency and massive device connectivity at a reasonable cost to meet local market demands. 

stc has done a 5.5G three-Carrier Components Carrier Aggregation (5.5G 3CC CA) trial by utilizing three Sub-6GHz frequency bands to achieve an extensive broadband speed of 3.6 Gbps on commercial devices. stc’s 5G 2.1GHz Sub-3GHz lower spectrum band has been combined with other large blocks of two middle band spectrums to achieve boosted 5.5G coverage, which is useful for driving continuous service access to more 5G devices from a single tower and to areas that don't have coverage, such as basements, deep indoor areas, and high building floors.

stc has also trialed an advanced 5.5G Passive IOT connectivity that could successfully obtain its tag remotely at a very wide distance of 200 m. The latest technology is projected to lead in shifting industries’ business models by opening new revenue opportunities and opening the possibilities for verticals to accelerate their competitive digitalization plans. stc’s future 5.5G Passive IOT network will be capable of supporting the capacity of millions of passive sensors’ connectivity from many industries, such as retail, medical, logistics, manufacturing, and others.

stc’s Chief Technology Officer, Eng. Fahad Abdulrahman Al Ali, said, “We aim to maintain the highest 5G quality of services standards and to enable robust Network as a Service (NaaS) business model by constructing advanced 5G Standalone continuous coverage infrastructure. At stc, we explore new ways to support industry digitalization processes by improved solutions that make it possible to passive sensors to become more intelligent by communicating data on a wide coverage network without humans’ involvement. 5.5G Passive IOT will make businesses smarter and responsive by merging their physical and digital universes.”  

stc aims to continuously sustain its 5G infrastructure development with cutting-edge 5.5G trials that demonstrate its efforts to enable state-of-the-art ICT solutions in the Kuwait market. The company goal is to bring next-generation 5G benefits to potential customers, enabling them to digitally transform their businesses in line with Kuwait 2035 Vision through our subsidiaries, solutions by stc and e-Portal Holding.  

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