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Mobily won the Telecom Review Excellence Award under “Best Operator For Enterprise Services” category when participated in its 2016, 7th Summit held in Dubai. Eng. Maziad Alharbi, chief technology officer, received the award on behalf of Mobily.

Telecom Review Award is considered one of the best awards in telecom sector, and Mobily won it out of 167 nominees, which indicates the company’s pioneer role in telecom industry and highlights its success in achieving on-going growth due to professional strategic planning that reflects realistic reading of the sector variables.

Eng. Ismail Alghamdi, chief business officer, stressed that, “Mobily’s winning such international award confirms our pride with our efforts in the Business sector by implementing the best approved international standards, and guarantee our achievements of customer’s needs that gives them an added value and satisfactions by relying on our capabilities and exceptional expertise in establishing information technology infrastructure.”

Mobily has 58 data centers that hosts more than 100 companies, and considered one of the best data centers in the Kingdom which is designed according to international standards and received local and international classifications like 3rd place (Tier III) and 4th place (Tier IV) from UPTIME Institute, which specializes in data centers evaluation worldwide, and that supports Mobily’s Business Services.

Mobily provides topnotch services to Business Sector whether government or private, and that contributes in the digital transformation and in line with 2030 Vision by developing the IT infrastructure that enhances business efficiency and encourages innovation culture which help in quantum leap of business implementation.

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