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At HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 Huawei and Accenture underscored the momentum of their existing alliance agreement and expanded on their future goals. The two companies jointly provide verified enterprise SAP and Oracle cloud solutions which are based on Huawei FusionCloud solution for global enterprise customers' core applications to provide one-stop service.

As companies continue to manage ever more complex business environments, organizations are increasingly recognizing the enormous benefits of cloud and cloud-based solutions. Cloud computing has become a key contributor to agility and market competitiveness for these organizations.

Two years ago the companies formed a strategic alliance in order to address clients' cloud requirements and provide better cloud solutions. The alliance leverages Huawei's extensive experience in ICT infrastructure, and Accenture's capabilities in consulting, systems integration and outsourcing. Over the past two years, experts from Huawei and Accenture have worked side by side to develop enterprise cloud solutions to help clients reduce large capital investment in IT and meet flexible and scalable system requirements.

The successful cooperation between Huawei and Accenture is getting wide recognition from clients and the global market. Huawei and Accenture joint solutions have been applied to organizations from a variety of industries (such as finance, resource, telecommunications, media, manufacturing and government, etc.,) to improve their business competitiveness.

  • At Guangdong Cable, a Radio and television industry leader, Huawei and Accenture helped deploy an integrated budget management planning and support system.
  • In the resource industry, the joint team helped a large state-owned enterprise define its data center strategy, and design its cloud-based data center architecture.
  • At a communications service provider, the Huawei and Accenture strategic alliance team successfully helped fundamentally revamp the company's campaign management system. Enabling them to achieve extensive insights, initiate actions and improve monetization in an efficient and cost effective manner in the highly competitive business environment.

In 2016, Huawei and Accenture strategic alliance leveraged solution centers in Shenzhen, Milan and Manila where clients can develop solutions for specific requirements and better understand the end-to-end business benefits delivered through a cloud strategy. In addition, at Solium, a digital technology company integrated within the Accenture Cloud Business Group for Iberia, work is underway with Huawei on SAP/HANA, enabling consumption-based as-a-service cloud models with the primary client base being the financial services industry in Spain.

Huawei and Accenture will continue to focus on helping enterprise clients accelerate their digital transformation through cloud-based solutions. The alliance works to drive Community Clouds, IO Cost Take Out, and SAP/Oracle solutions on an enterprise cloud platform. With utmost sensitivity to data privacy and security, Huawei and Accenture strategic alliance solutions will optimize clients IT workload, reduce cost and leverage competitive advantages.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 was attended by over 20,000 industry leaders who discussed how to build a Better Connected World, and how to promote digital transformation in industries.

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