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Forthcoming 5G networks will bring many benefits to service providers and consumers, with exponential increases in bandwidth and massive throughput, along with advancements in vertical industries and new entrants - just a few of the myriad possibilities of these next-generation networks.

T-Mobile's announced plans to utilize all of its spectrum resources align strongly with Nokia's strategy of multi-radio platforms and advanced antenna technologies. Specifically, this will bring 5G radio air interface improvements (spectral efficiency in particular) to low bands such as 600MHz, thus allowing for enhanced coverage benefits. Additionally, Nokia will look to enable the 5G network capabilities where 600MHz spectrum is the preferred coverage layer.

One of the key benefits of 5G is enhanced mobile broadband that will allow users to consume content when and where they desire. Nokia, along with T-Mobile, will provide a multi-layer, cross-spectrum blueprint for how the networks of the future will come into existence.

Marc Rouanne, president of Mobile Networks business group for Nokia, said: "Nokia and T-Mobile share a vision of innovating in mobile networks to deliver real benefits to consumers. This collaboration to maximize spectrum is a very exciting development, and is a strong example of Nokia's commitment to supporting its customers' ambitions to create new capabilities to make 5G a reality, connecting everything to everything."

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