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The US government has recently announced that it will be issuing a 90-day extension on Huawei’s license to trade with domestic companies in the US, according the Department of Commerce.

This would be the third time the Trump administration has extended the reprieve, initially meant to smoothen the transition towards a full ban on trade services and businesses between US companies and the Chinese vendor due to concerns over cybersecurity and electronic espionage.

"The Temporary General License extension will allow carriers to continue to service customers in some of the most remote areas of the United States who would otherwise be left in the dark," Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated.

Huawei published an official statement which read:

“Extending the Temporary General License won't have a substantial impact on Huawei's business either way. This decision does not change the fact that Huawei continues to be treated unfairly either.”

“We have long held that the decision by the US Department of Commerce to add Huawei to the Entity List has caused more harm to the US than to Huawei. This has done significant economic harm to the American companies with which Huawei does business, and has already disrupted collaboration and undermined the mutual trust on which the global supply chain depends. We call on the US government to put an end to this unjust treatment and remove Huawei from the Entity List.” Хотите провести приятно время? Заходите https://escorteurogirls.com по ссылке

This newest reprieve comes amid reports of continuing business transactions and negotiations between the US and China. Huawei was first blacklisted by Trump in May, largely caused by escalating tensions due to what is considered to be a trade war between the two world superpowers. 

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