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Chinese tech giants Huawei and GAC Group will work together to develop a "smart SUV", aiming to hit the market in mass production by the end of 2023.

The two companies’ first joint product is planned to be a medium- to large-size, pure electric SUV with a futuristic and powerful vision and efficient technology that will bring exciting new energy capabilities and Level 4 autonomous driving to buyers.

Huawei is a global leader in many types of technology and GAC Group embraces and encourages extensive technological innovation in its vehicles. This strategic cooperation will allow them to build a new generation of intelligent vehicles and digital platforms. This SUV and multiple other future models will utilize GAC's GEP.30 chassis platform and Huawei's CCA (computing and communication architecture), as well as carrying Huawei's full stack of intelligent vehicle solutions.

Since signing a strategic cooperation agreement in 2017, Huawei and GAC have worked together in the fields of intelligent connected electric vehicle technology.

In September 2020 in Guangzhou, the two firms signed an agreement to further deepen cooperation, with a focus on computing and communication architecture in accordance of the development trend towards software-heavy vehicles.

In the last few years, GAC has seen significant success in realizing vehicle electrification and in various areas of new energy technology. GAC Group is highly committed to research and development, demonstrated by the billions of yuan funneled into the GAC R&D Centers across the world.

Given the intensifying campaign on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the global market for electric vehicles is only witnessing considerable growth. Recent market research data predicts that the EV global market will expand almost fivefold between 2016 and 2027; an annual increase of 20%. GAC Group is positioned to fully embrace this trend towards creating cleaner, greener, better cars, with GAC MOTOR aiming to produce an entirely electrified lineup of vehicles by 2025.

This rapid growth demonstrates a new demand in the automobile market for intelligent cars, and for Chinese craftsmanship.

With new technologies, new processes and new materials, as well as the use of intelligent manufacturing and comprehensively improved production capacity, Huawei and GAC aim to produce eight models and multiple series of cutting edge electric vehicles that provide a new driving experience at ever lower costs.

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