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Following the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority announcement regarding the allocation of new frequency bands, Etisalat announced earlier this week that its UAE subscribers can now access 5G fixed networks from their homes to enable a wide range of services that were not available before.

Commenting on the matter, Femi Oshiga, Vice President of Service Providers for the Middle East and Africa, CommScope, said, “The allocation of new frequency bands for 5G services in the UAE is as exciting as it is encouraging. We have come to depend on fast and reliable broadband as a key part of our everyday lives making superfast download speeds and unmatched network performance even more important. From what we can see 5G connectivity, supported by fibre backhaul, will play an important role as an enabler of economic growth and prosperity across communities. Its adoption by businesses, particularly for small and medium-sized ones, would further enhance their ability to reach a global audience.”

Adding that, “What’s more, with the current huge shift towards home-working / home-schooling, we are now seeing a clash of bandwidth demand between the professional requirements of parents and children whose bandwidth demands now include home learning in addition to their ever increasing consumption of bandwidth for games and video. It is only by delivering hi-speed fibre-based broadband that these demands can be met.”

“Commscope believes that the upgraded infrastructure in both 5G and Fibre will certainly significantly improve the user experience in the delivery of a wide range of services and applications to enhance homes and everyday lives across all areas in the UAE,” he said.

“The deployment of 5G FWA is another major 5G milestone for Etisalat, a result of our continuous efforts in bringing the best in technology and infrastructure for our subscribers in UAE. Today’s announcement is significant as it lays a foundation for 5G use cases to bringing futuristic technologies and solutions in a mature 5G ecosystem. This is only the beginning of the next evolution of fixed wireless technologies and the immense possibilities of innovation for UAE residents and businesses,” said Saeed Al Zarouni, Senior Vice President, Mobile Network, Etisalat.

Etisalat 5G FWA CPE (customer premise equipment) will be installed at the subscriber’s residence to be connected wirelessly to the 5G towers broadcasting the wireless signal. The customer connects a WiFi router to the 5G CPE to provide broadband services in a similar way done over fiber.

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