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Colt Technology Services has announced that it provides connectivity to Oracle Cloud in Tokyo and Osaka for Fullenergy Limited, a Cloud Integrator that owns a group of engineers specialized for Oracle Cloud.

Since May 2019, Colt has been offering dedicated access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect in Tokyo. The relationship was extended this year, by Colt adding hosted and on-demand access to Oracle Cloud in Tokyo and Osaka. Colt On Demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows customers to self provision secure, high bandwidth connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in a matter of minutes, allowing them to dynamically scale bandwidth up or down in near real time.

Colt On Demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is controlled by an online customer portal and purchased through a flexible, pay as you use commercial model. Founded in 2007, Fullenergy Limited provides one-stop service from design and construction of cloud environments, to migration and operational support.

According to Fullenergy Limited, the number of inquiries and consultations for Oracle Cloud increases daily. Since the launch in Tokyo last year, they’ve provided Oracle Cloud to circa 30 companies and have already acquired customers in Osaka. This was triggered by an increase in awareness from existing customers that have adopted Oracle Cloud.

Akishi Matsumoto, Director of Multi-Cloud Integration Division said, “Most of our customers consider Oracle Cloud as their first cloud choice. The transfer from domestic clouds or other private clouds, is the second most common factor for customers seeking Oracle Cloud. The key reasons why our customers choose Oracle Cloud is its reliability and stability in the migration and operation of core systems, including the whole technology stack. In addition, costs advantages, the specification, security and SLAs compared with other cloud providers is a key differentiator when selecting Oracle Cloud. With Oracle Cloud there is no separate fee for outbound data transfers on a closed network, this is all included in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect commericals. Customers using other public clouds found Oracle Cloud more cost effective, removing hidden costs.”

“Colt’s low latency network, excellent cost performance and the technological support offered by Colt’s engineering team are the main reasons why we recommend Colt. We have been delighted by Colt’s strength in planning and proposal and also extremely satisfied their focus on customer service.” Mr. Matsumoto continued.

Since 2019, Colt and Fullenergy Limited have been working together to provide IT solutions, significantly improving our customers infrastructure environments. The introduction of Oracle Cloud underpinned with Colt’s connectivity, has provided endusers a variety of benefits such as increased productivity due to an improved business environment, leading to cost reductions in overtime and other costs. Colt’s flexibility and capability, including the on-demand solution, played an important role in realising the smooth transition to work from home due to Covid-19.

In August 2020, Fullenergy introduced an On Demand service in their environment. With their own experience of using the service, they will continue proposing both fixed and On Demand type depending on the situation and aim to maximize customer satisfaction.

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