Telecom Review spoke to Nenad Paunović, director of the IT and entrepreneurship, Government of Serbia during GITEX to understand the role of their government in boosting and promoting a conducive market for the ICT sector.

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Antonio Bocigas, Lenovo’s telecom director for the EMEA region, has spoken with Telecom Review during the GITEX 2021 event. He talked about the biggest telecom trends globally and how the company influences the digital transformation in the region.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Samer Majzoub, Elev8 Consultancy, founder & managing partner shares his thoughts on how his company is helping telcos navigate in the dynamic market.

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Telecom Review spoke to Aloysius Cheang, chief security officer, Huawei UAE about the latest on-goings in the cyberspace and the urgent need for human collaboration to address the pressing issues faced by the cybersecurity sector. 

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Maxim Nartov, chief business officer, Nexign conversed with Telecom Review during the GITEX 2021 event. In an exclusive interview, he puts into emphasis the aspects of digital transformation they have done as pandemic hits and how telcos can leverage their products and solutions.

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Along the sidelines of GITEX 2021, Telecom Review secured discussion with Paul Scanlan, CTO of Carrier Business Group at Huawei, regarding digital transformation, ecosystem building, and wide-scale industry collaboration. Scanlan emphasized how Huawei supports telecom operators in enabling intelligent societies of the future. To achieve this vision, understanding technology and what it entails for specific industries are crucial to transforming and connecting everybody, and everything.

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In the midst of GITEX 2021, Telecom Review secured a one-on-one interview with Fadi Pharaon, Ericsson’s president at the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. He clearly reiterated how the telecom vendor actively collaborates with the telecom operators in the region and how they aim to bring hybrid experiences to life.

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On the sidelines of the GITEX 2021 event and the Huawei Innovation Day celebration, Telecom Review has spoken with Dr. Jassim Haji, president of the International Group of Artificial Intelligence (IGOAI). He shared his thoughts on AI-related topics such as the Internet of Behaviour (IoB) technology, anticipated change in the job landscape, and ethical issues.

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Telecom Review secured an exclusive face-to-face interview with Philip Andrews, Red Hat’s vice president, CEMEA during the GITEX 2021 event. Andrews emphasized the role of enterprise open source and how the company fills the gap for digital talent.

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