Established in 1993, IPT PowerTech is a complete solution provider combining energy-efficient solutions with innovative telecom infrastructure along with managed services, all the way to initiating and implementing the Guaranteed Savings Model and T-ESCO Model (Telecom Energy Service Company). The 25-year journey has been a rapid evolution to becoming the initiator of the dual battery concept, with a wide geographical footprint spanning over 11 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, and covering more than 50 countries.

Innovation and anticipation have always been at the core of IPT’s business as the Group has spotted the need to integrate power equipment into outdoor cabinets and began manufacturing its own enclosures independently through its manufacturing facility in Romania. IPT Powertech remained at the forefront of the industry with customized power solutions, telecom and managed services, and ESCO services that meet the specific needs and interests of MNOs and the towercos. The ability to innovate, integrate, manufacture and manage our in-house hybrid solutions made IPT Powertech frontrunners in the world of power, pioneers in the telecom and managed services which propelled the initiation of their differentiation factor, becoming the exceptional leader of T- ESCO and guaranteed savings.

The company’s portfolio has expanded over the past two decades in order to meet the customers’ evolving business expectations and desire for CAPEX and OPEX savings as it  contained the combined power and telecom infrastructure solutions along with the managed services for the telecom sites, including the renewable energy solutions (solar energy and wind turbine), the engineered solutions (TRION family), the batteries and power systems, the enclosures and cabinets, up to the extent of offering the largest portfolio of hybrid solutions worldwide. Today, IPT PowerTech is a T-ESCO that invests and provides comprehensive energy and site infrastructure solutions and services to its customers, from auditing, redesigning, procuring and implementing innovative site solutions, all the way up to managing networks on a full OPEX model, while guaranteeing savings and efficiencies.

As for the Lebanese market, the Group initiated and implemented the ESCO concept by signing an ESCO contract with the two MNOs: Alfa and touch; thus, becoming pioneers in the region. Recognized as “Leading T-ESCO globally”, IPT PowerTech is by default the market leader, with the largest number of ESCO sites worldwide across Nigeria, Guinea Conakry, Lebanon and Myanmar and one the few global players to offer the largest portfolio of hybrid solutions

IPT operational excellence is a strategy that proved successful over time, and it can only be driven by the operational leadership and by the continuous investment in our 4,500 specialists, which is the main contributor to the growth, success, excellence and differentiation of the Group.

At IPT Powertech Group, we strive towards operational excellence by redefining power solutions and reinventing telecom infrastructure.

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