Telecom Review organized a virtual award ceremony to honor one of The region’s leaders in the ICT industry. Benya Group was announced as a winner at the Telecom Review Excellence Awards ceremony which was held in December 2020 in Dubai.

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Google parent company Alphabet announced on Friday it was shutting down “Loon”, a high-profile project aiming to deliver wireless internet via flying balloons in the stratosphere, because it is not commercially viable. The idea behind Loon was to build a network of balloons to expand internet connectivity to underserved areas and disaster zones and was initially part of an Alphabet “moonshot factory” known as X, which aims to create projects to disrupt new sectors.

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In the framework of the panel discussion organized by Telecom Review on the opportunities of the 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), the moderator Amer Mdanat, general manager (KSA), NXN addressed the question of the regulatory environment and challenges specific to Saudi Arabia for the roll out of 5G services.

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Due to different views on the company’s strategy, the board of directors of BICS and Daniel Kurgan, CEO since 2007, came to the mutual conclusion to end their collaboration. The board of directors of BICS has approved the appointment of Matteo Gatta, currently director network strategy, innovation and partnerships at Proximus, as new CEO of the company.

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Telecom Review organized a virtual panel which saw the participation of 300 registrants, to discuss the opportunities offered by 5G fixed wireless access networks to consumers and mobile operators. Abdulrahman AlMufadda, CTO, Zain KSA and Ali Jitawi, customer business team head Zain, Nokia talked in depth about the importance of this technology. The panel discussion was moderated by Amer Mdanat, general manager (KSA), NXN.

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During the 5G fixed wireless access panel organized by Telecom Review, Ali Jitawi, Customer Business, Team Head Zain, Nokia, and Abdulrahman AlMufadda, CTO, Zain KSA addressed the future of Saudi Arabia in terms of 5G, FTTH, and smart cities.

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