On May 9th, during the Huawei Middle East, (Huawei ME), media round table at The Atlantis Hotel, The Palm in Dubai, UAE, Steven Yi, President of Huawei ME; Vanness You, VP of marketing and solution, Huawei ME; and Amar Tobba, VP of public affairs and communications, Huawei ME exclusively listened to questions from members of the press including that of Telecom Review.

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Now is the time to reimagine and demystify the world of space and satellites as the global satellite industry is expected to be worth over $500 billion in 2024. Its place in the connectivity ecosystem is now imperative and making it part of the solution is a compelling reality.

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According to IFC data, between 2019 and 2030, the number of telecom sites in six assessed regions – Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Latin America (LAC), South Asia (SA), East Asia and the Pacific (EAP), and Europe & Central Asia (ECA) – is expected to increase from around 4 to 5.4 million, growing at roughly 2.7% per year.

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Digital government, or Government 4.0, refers to the use of digital technologies for modernization strategies. GCC countries, among other developing countries, have undergone the transformation which is fundamental for internal and external government relations, private organizations, businesses, and individuals.

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