Ofcom, the UK’s telecom watchdog, has announced that it will make the lower 6GHz band available for Wi-Fi use as well as other radio LAN tech.

The regulator stated that this move would “make more channels available, increase capacity and reduce congestion in existing bands caused by large numbers of devices”. Ofcom also stated that this spectrum will allow for very low power (VLP) outdoor use which will inherently make way for more innovative applications.

The watchdog has also confirmed that it plans to remove the Dynamic Frequency Selection requirements from channels used by Wi-Fi (5.8GHz band).

A statement released by Ofcom read: “People and businesses in the UK are increasingly using Wi-Fi to support everyday activities and new applications are driving demand for faster and more reliable Wi-Fi. To meet this growing demand, we are proposing to increase the amount of spectrum available for Wi-Fi and other related wireless technologies, and to remove certain technical conditions that currently apply.”

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