Since its inception in 2010, Es'hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, has grown into a major satellite operator in the Middle East. Es’hailSat’s satellites, the Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2 are currently transmitting high quality, premium DTH television content across the MENA region.

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The global telecommunications industry is a unique and vibrant industry that is constantly evolving due to the new technologies and infrastructure which continue to filter into the market. Now more than ever, telcos depend on the adaptation to a digitized environment, the efficiency and optimization of business processes, as well as monitoring and reporting capabilities.  

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COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of telecommunications and the need to have resilient infrastructure capable of ensuring a seamless experience in light of the rise of remote experiences’ trend. EY published recently a study entitled “Top 10 risks in telecommunications” which sees failure to maintain network resilience in a post-pandemic world emerge as the most pressing challenge for the industry. Telecom Review spoke to Tom Loozen, EY global telecommunications leader, to discuss the outcomes of the study and highlight its main findings.

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Notes from the Chief Editor

At one time, managing connections for millions of devices was nothing more than lab testing. Smart cities, IoTs, artificial intelligence, 5G and much more will be discussed at the 9th edition of Telecom Review Summit: Its All About smart Networking, where experts will share their expertise and knowledge about how this has become reality.

Where we are now versus where we were? How we are going to implement IOT in a secure manner by using artificial intelligence and high speed connectivity, securing the network in order to protect the connected devices? How do we make our cities smarter, greener and more efficient, and also more secure while managing data traffic which is increasing every day? How can artificial intelligence secure our sensors and make them smarter?

Will 5G change the way we experience connectivity? Yes! Experts are testing and experiencing this technology because there is no doubt that it will be the next big thing. It will change the way we think of connectivity and speed, and will allow us to forget about latency issues.

The leaders of ICT, smart cities, industry vendors, innovators and governments will all meet under one roof, at one platform, for two days in Dubai on December 6 and 7 to share all above.

Interact, listen and share the latest with leaders and experts who are coming from all continents to join us. Do not miss one of the best ICT and smart cities gatherings in the world in Dubai!