Friends of Telecom

“Friends of Telecom” Brings Together Lebanese Telecom Industry Leaders in Beirut

The 4th Edition of Telecom Review’s “Friends of Telecom” wrapped up in Beirut at Le Royal Hotel on December 28th, 2011, hosting top telecom Lebanese leaders and key figures of the ICT industry. Platinum Sponsored by MTC Touch – the leading mobile telecommunications operator in Lebanon and Zain affiliate, the event was attended by His Excellency Nicolas Sehnaoui, the Lebanese Telecommunications minister who provided valuable insight into industry developments in Lebanon.

Sehnaoui expressed his pride in the Lebanese telecom diaspora and said that the government should invest and make use of the presence of such powerful leaders for the country benefits. The minister also talked about the ministry’s future projects that include fiber infrastructure along with the establishment of media and smart cities in Lebanon.

“Our unique small country has always fascinated the world by lot of differentiations from multi culture to an oasis in the Middle East or the birth of Alphabet, and its people who conquered the world by the earliest immigration waves! But, in addition to all of the above, personally I see more differentiations for Lebanese in the Telecom Industry,” said Toni Eid, CEO of Trace Media and Telecom Review’s Editor in Chief.

MTC Touch’s General Manager Claude Bassil shed the light on the company’s successful 3G launch and stated that MTC is keen on providing the best services and finest quality on its 3.9G network. Bassil announced that the company’s gross revenue in 2011 exceeded the 1 billion US dollars and MTC has crossed the 1.8 million subscribers mark.

The event also gathered the ICT industry’s top level Lebanese executives who discussed the latest telecom innovations focusing on the important role of the Lebanese telecom diaspora in contributing to the growth of the Lebanese telecom sector.

Osman Sultan CEO of du and Chairman of the PTCL association talked about the importance of the digital space and its effect on our life facets. Although Lebanon ranks 16 in terms of education readiness index but still lacks behind in telecommunication and ranks 92 in terms of network readiness which is not acceptable for a land of telecom leaders. Sultan urged everyone to collaborate for the country’s development.

Ghassan Hasbani, CEO of STC international, stressed on the importance of competition as innovation incentive. “Competition is mother of innovation,” said Hasbani wishing the establishment of fair competition in Lebanon which will increase investment and contribute to the country’s economy growth.