Ranplan is a leading provider of innovative wireless technology, and has developed Ranplan Professional, a world-class suite of software tools for designing, planning and optimising indoor and outdoor wireless networks in coordination. It has firmly established itself as a global player in the wireless space, and its diverse range of solutions and innovations has resonated with major players in the telecommunications industry.  

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Open RAN Partner Ecosystem was launched by Mavenir to allow for a greater flexibility for operators to optimize the investments, says Virtyt Koshi, senior vice president and general manager, EMEA, Mavenir. In an interview with Telecom Review, Koshi highlighted the importance of this ecosystem as well as some of Mavenir’s flagship solutions.

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Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is one of the world’s most recognizable brands and enjoyed huge success globally in the late 00’s. Since then, its position as one of the leading smartphone companies came under attack from Samsung and US tech giant Apple with the introduction of the iPhone in 2008. However, it has survived a difficult number of years and has firmly re-established itself as a major player in the global smartphone industry, and still holds huge appeal with customers in a number of key markets worldwide.

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Lebanese leading operator, Alfa, has embarked on a sustainability journey to transform social beliefs into tangible actions, says CEO and chairman, Marwan Hayek. In an interview with Telecom Review, Hayek highlighted the operator’s main milestones achieved this year, including the launch of VoLTE for the first time in Lebanon and its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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US enterprise MATRIXX Software is addressing the technology requirements of operators on a global scale - and has become a key enabler for service providers that are seeking digital transformation in an effort to enhance its operational efficiency and create new business revenues and models. 

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Adopting the right business model in the subsea communications industry is a challenge that Hengtong Group and PCCW Global were capable of identifying and are working on overcoming with the PEACE undersea cable project. In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE Cable, Hengtong Group and Sameh Sobhy, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, PCCW Global emphasized how PEACE has created a new business model in the submarine cable industry that PCCW Global is leveraging to further achieve its goals.

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Customer experience, people, change and innovation are the main pillars of digital transformation, according to Elias Saab, managing director, Sofrecom Middle East. In an interview with Telecom Review, Saab explained those four pillars in addition to the importance of mobile money in fostering financial inclusion.

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2018 has proven to be a busy year for MYCOM OSI as the global CSP community wakes up to the instrumental role cloud-based service quality assurance can play in realising autonomic networks. In this interview, Mounir Ladki, MYCOM OSI’s president and CTO, sets out his vision and describes the transformations his company has already made.

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