Digitization initiatives have continued to be successful in the Middle East, and with the rapid adoption of digital technologies comes added and growing exposure to the risks of cyber-attacks. These attacks are growing in sophistication and have the potential to derail the progress and benefits of digitization.

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Huawei’s rotating chairman, Eric Xu, confirmed that the company had successfully pulled out of crisis mode in 2022 and managed to get back to business as usual with external restrictions still in place. The company expects to round off the year with a total revenue of 636.9 billion yuan, in line with forecasts and slightly higher than last year’s total revenues.

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Nokia announced that Mada Communications (Mada), a telecommunications service provider offering enterprise solutions and services, will deploy its award-winning Wavence microwave solutions. This will modernize Mada’s transport network and offer enhanced experiences to its customers in Kuwait.

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Nokia has announced that the company, in collaboration with Etisalat UAE, branded as etisalat by e&, demonstrated the fastest passive optical network (PON) speed in the Middle East and Africa region. Nokia Bell Labs’ PON proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstration achieved speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) on a single wavelength — four times faster than the most advanced networks available today.

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