NEC Corporation is driving expansion of “All Optical Networks” with the introduction of its SpectralWave WX Series – a lineup of open specifications-compliant, open optical transport products. Initially, four products will be released on October 1, 2022.

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New data centers have been unveiled in Riyadh to provide a wide range of proven and secure public cloud computing solutions, catering to the surging business demand from multiple industries and accelerating their digitalization journey in Saudi Arabia.

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Submarine cables are a main reason why we are connected today. In fact, they provide the connectivity that links almost all of the world’s data centers, where servers process the data that lets us experience the internet and its myriad of applications. As much as it is crucial, establishing a submarine cable is also very challenging.

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NEC Corporation has been contracted by Seren Juno Network, a company established by NTT Group, Mitsui and JA Mitsui Leasing (JAML) to build the JUNO trans-Pacific subsea fiber-optic cable that will provide the largest data capacity — maximum 350 Tbps — between the US and Japan.

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Huawei revealed its next-generation data center facility, alongside the launch of PowerPOD 3.0, a brand-new power supply system. Based on the joint efforts between Huawei Data Center Facility Team and industry experts, these endeavors reaffirm Huawei’s commitment to building low-carbon, smart data centers.

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