With the rapid acceleration of the global energy transition, an unprecedented opportunity presents itself in the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. The government of Canada has its sights set on its domestic battery ecosystem and is successfully luring top-tier companies to make substantial investments.

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A new and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology is transforming wildfire detection. Using advanced algorithms to analyze satellite imagery, this system swiftly identifies wildfires, surpassing traditional methods that relied on human surveillance and reporting.

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Zoom has updated its terms of service to include the ability to use customer data for training and tuning its artificial intelligence (AI) models. The updated terms, effective July 27, grant Zoom the right to utilize certain aspects of customer data, such as product usage information, telemetry and diagnostic data, for AI purposes. While this type of data usage is not uncommon, it signifies a strategic move towards Zoom's own AI ambitions. Notably, customer content like messages, files and documents does not appear to be included in this category, and Zoom clarified that AI models are not trained using audio, video or chat content without customer consent.

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Approximately 40% of households around the globe possess a smart device, which could be susceptible to cyberattacks. In the near future, these newly acquired smart gadgets will have a cybersecurity label to help buyers assess which product to buy.

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With the power of Google's AI, cutting-edge eye scans can now offer a promising alternative in the prediction of cardiovascular events. A South Korean study has additionally explored AI for coronary angiography, leading to automated and real-time insights and advanced cardiovascular care.

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