Major Pan-African telecommunications service provider, SEACOM, and Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, have joined forces to offer high-speed, reliable pathways between Africa, Europe and Asia to meet the growing demand for connectivity linking these regions.

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The Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable system has been upgraded to accelerate and strengthen connectivity between businesses in the UK, Europe, Middle East and India. The upgrade involved Ciena's submarine network system to utilise flexible, express wavelengths, known as optical bypass, to cut operational costs as well as space and power requirements, while improving reliability. 

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As the amount of data being generated continues to increase – from 5G and data-producing devices like sensors and cameras, to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality – new technologies are dramatically reshaping the data center in order to meet the rising demands.

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By Orlaith Finn

Wholesale carriers are facing a growing number of challenges, including considerable changes in their revenue mix, an ongoing shift from voice to data, increasing focus on mobility, and a dent in revenue due to OTT services. Despite the many challenges in the market, wholesale carriers still have an opportunity to generate revenue for their company.

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