In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Atul Purohit, Head of Technology, Cloud & Network Services, EMEA, delved into the intricacies of how APIs function within the framework of network monetization for operators, offering a comprehensive understanding of their operational dynamics and strategic significance. By elucidating the inner workings of APIs, Purohit provided valuable insights into how operators can leverage these tools to extract maximum value from their network assets.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Quique Vivas, Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo Oman, shed light on the company’s new approach to the consumer experience journey from a telco perspective, also highlighting how the company is adapting to dynamic technological innovations and aligning with the ongoing digital transformation.

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INTEGRASYS has been a frontrunner in software development and engineering for the intricate world of satellite networks, delivering solutions to its customers since the 1990s. In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, INTEGRASYS CEO, Alvaro Sanchez, elaborated on the importance of network virtualization to harness innovation and the company’s motivation to deliver meaningful solutions for its telco customers.

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COVID-19 updates
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As part of stc’s partnership with the Ministry of Health which is aimed at increasing prevention from the coronavirus and limiting its spread, stc has doubled the operational efficiency and awareness outreach of 22 of its healthcare centres across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These efforts also form part of the company’s commitment to long-lasting social initiatives as the centres offer healthcare support and participate in awareness campaigns, constituting an initiative valued at SAR 100 million.

Having been constructed and equipped at stc’s cost, the 22 healthcare centres have provided services to over 5 million beneficiaries and patients since the launch of their operations. Today, stc is aiming to increase the efficiency of the centres’ infrastructure and to enable digital services as part of the beneficiary journey.

In related endeavors, advanced cloud computing-based health services also form part of the digital solutions stc provides to medical centres and hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.  Such solutions are of great medical value across the world, especially when it comes to 5G linked micro-procedures. They further support existing services, such as the medical imaging platform PAX and medical imaging technology EMI, as they connect the largest possible number of hospitals to the cloud.

For instance, they make it possible for the closest available expert to analyse images and provide a diagnosis. These solutions will be used in dozens of hospitals across the Kingdom to improve the efficiency of the services they provide to their patients.

Additionally, stc and the Ministry of Health are working on raising awareness among the public on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus as part of a joint campaign launched across digital and traditional media outlets.

Over 1.7 billion messages have been sent over the past six weeks in 10 languages. Similar campaigns have been simultaneously launched in Kuwait and Bahrain led by stc affiliates in the two countries.

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