During Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2024, Toni Eid, Founder of Telecom Review Group and CEO of Trace Media International engaged in an exclusive discourse with Desmond Cheung, Director and Chief Technology Officer, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat or IOH). The luminaries delved into Indosat's latest AI advancements, discussing how these developments drive digital transformation across various industries.

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Aneth Guerra, COO, Vodafone Oman, addresses some of the key challenges concerning digital transformation in Oman and provides a female-oriented perspective on the company’s approach as a holistic solutions provider.

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LIVE TELCO acts as a sourcing arm for several operators as they constantly scan the market for hot deals or capacity that is being released. Yves Nahas, Founding Partner, LIVE TELCO, spoke to Telecom Review to share details about the entity’s line of work, and provided his perspective on the wholesale and enterprise growth expected in the coming years.

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COVID-19 updates
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Eng. Nasser Sulaiman Al Nasser, stc Group CEO, has said that he is proud of the Kingdom's infrastructure in the way that it helped the country contain the repercussions of the Corona crisis on the economy.

Al Nasser believes that their investment in the digital infrastructure a long time ago has in fact enabled the Kingdom’s telecom sector to play an instrumental role during this crisis.

"I am proud of our country's achievements in facing these circumstances we are living. This crisis never put our lives on hold; it enriched our creative ideas and we dedicated all kinds of technology to the service of our Kingdom, citizens and residents. We can all appreciate the role of digital technology in enriching people's lives and its effective role in combating disease. We have drones that take the temperature of mall visitors and we offer remote healthcare services for patients," said Al Nasser.

Al Nasser made this statement while taking part in the launch of the workshops of the Hope Hackathon workshop launched by theDeputy Minister at the Ministry Of Communications And Information Technology, Dr.  Ahmed Al Thenayan.

At the end of last April, the Ministry Of Communications and Information Technology launched the Hope Hackathon in a strategic cooperation with the Saudi Federation for  Electronic  and Intellectual  Sports and stc to create new innovative business models and come up with solutions to overcome the current crisis and face future ones. The Hackathon aims to promote digital innovations and highlight the digital capabilities of youth worldwide to face the Coronavirus pandemic.

Al Nasser added, "Our partnership in the International Hope Hackathon for which prizes will reach USD 1 million to develop creative ideas is a reflection of our approach. We have dedicated ourselves to supporting creativity and creative people around the world". He reiterated the Group's commitment to its strategy that supports innovation in the field of digital and smart solutions and to dedicating all its capabilities to bring such innovations to life.

He pointed out that this is the best time to invest in creative ideas for innovative, unique technological solutions while people are staying home as part of the precautionary measures taken to limit the spread of Coronavirus. Al Nasser called upon participants in the Hackathon to come up with digital innovations that could help humanity and to apply the quality of life concept effectively and keep abreast of the challenges facing us.

Al Nasser said that stc has been a pioneer in supporting entrepreneurs and start-up owners through its InspireU program that supported many successful projects which introduced education, health and marketing applications. He added that stc's latest partnerships in this field were the fruit of its program to promote local content "Rawafed".

"Being the leading digital enabler in the Kingdom, stc has a responsibility to actively contribute to the Kingdom's digital economy. I hope that we will continue to support innovators and their projects and that this kind of event will help them achieve their dreams and turn them into reality. Indeed, creativity has no limits," Al Nasser continued.

The group CEO congratulated all Hackathon participants and commended their commitment to providing exceptional solutions and innovations. He also thanked the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Quality of Life Program as well as all those who lent their support to this event.

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